New Real4K Optical Extenders Offer 18 Gbps of Uncompressed Bandwidth over Single Fiber

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The Real4K™ Optical Extenders from Inneos convert electrical HDMI signals to optical signals and deliver uncompressed video up to 1000 m. The units allow user to attach up to 3 m of HDMI cable to the ends of the link. The extenders come with Real4K optical adapters that can be attached to source and display using an integrated 12 in. HDMI cable on the transmitter and receiver respectively. The extenders feature a HDMI female port and can be mounted under the table.

Original Press Release:

Inneos Launches Real4Kâ„¢ Optical Extenders

Expands Real4K product line to include HDMI extenders with ARC and IR Control

PLEASANTON, California, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Inneos today announced the launch of its Real4K™ Optical Extender product family with HDMI® technology, Audio Return Channel (ARC), and IR control. Real4K Extenders convert electrical HDMI signals to optical signals to deliver 18Gbps uncompressed video up to 1000 meters (typical) over a single industry standard fiber. In addition, Real4K Optical Extenders offer improved design flexibility by allowing users to attach up to 3 meters of HDMI cable to the ends of the link.

"The Real4K brand is about delivering an uncompromised video experience using the best technology available. Compression is an unacceptable compromise some suppliers make in order to continue using traditional copper wiring," said Todd Whitaker, Inneos SVP of Sales and Marketing. He continues, "Our Real4K™ Optical Extenders deliver 18Gbps of uncompressed bandwidth over a single industry standard fiber. And now we have expanded our product line to add support for audio return channel, bi-directional IR signals, and the flexibility to use different lengths of HDMI cables on either end."

Adapter vs. Extender Product Families

Inneos' award-winning Real4K Optical Adapters attached directly to a source and a display using an integrated 12" HDMI cable on the transmitter and receiver respectively. The new Real4K Optical Extenders have an HDMI female port instead of the integrated HDMI cable so that users can attach cables of different lengths depending upon their installation. For instance, a conference room application may want to mount the Real4K Optical Extender under the table and run a 6 foot HDMI cable up through the middle of the table.

Unique WaveStacker™ Technology 
Inneos' patented WaveStacker™ technology uses multiple lasers operating at different wavelengths of light to "stack" channels onto a single industry standard fiber. This makes it possible for integrators to cut fiber to length during installation and easily terminate the individual fiber as necessary. It is also possible for installers to buy pre-terminated lengths of standard fiber and pull them through walls just like any other cable.

Modular Design Using Industry Standard Fiber and Connectors
Inneos' Real4K Adapters and Extenders use industry standard multimode fiber (OM2, OM3, or OM4) and industry standard SC connectors. Standard fiber and connectors are easy to install and take about the same amount of time to install as category cabling (less time in the case of Cat. 6). Standard fiber also allows integrators the ability to choose from dozens of different suppliers of fiber and optical components including wall plates to create clean modular designs that snap together.

Infrastructure That is "8K Ready"
Inneos Real4K Optical Adapters and Extenders use industry standard fiber which has the bandwidth for 8K and beyond. When the time comes to upgrade, installers will simply unplug and swap out the Real4K products and replace them with Real8K products.

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