New Precision Motion Control Solutions for Optics and Photonics Applications

Auburn, MA - In San Diego next week, discover PI’s latest nanopositioning and automation solutions for optics and photonics applications such as active alignment systems, fast steering mirrors, and fast focusing devices. PI engineers will be on-hand to answer questions and propose the right precision motion control and positioning solutions for your next project in industry or research.

  • High-speed, modular photonics alignment system based on frictionless air bearings and direct drive motors
  • Compact, 6-axis photonics alignment system based on a parallel kinematics hexapod nanopositioning system
  • Fast voice-coil steering mirror for laser control and free space optical communication
  • Fast-focus nanopositioning stages for vertical focusing, based on voice-coil drives and piezo drives
  • Hexapod multi-axis positioning system, ideal for optics and panel positioning and alignment

Can’t make it to San Diego? You can look at a variety of performance automation, photonics, and nanopositioning applications covered by PI system technologies here.

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