New Paper Free Pouch for Berner Gloves

Berner remains the glove of choice for those handling cytotoxics within an aseptic environment and the new upgrade to poly packaging enables them to be used in paper free environments.

Berner gloves are CE marked and aseptically presented in a clean peel pouch printed with lot number and expiry date and the poly pouches can be liberally sprayed with alcohol for aseptic transfer.

The gloves fully comply with European PPE category III, EN374 chemical and bacteriological and EN388 mechanical standards. Full breakthrough data for a range of cytotoxics including carmustine, cisplastin and methotrexate together with other technical support information is available on request.

For more information on how to safely manage cytotoxic substances in your department, please call Helapet on 0800 0328 428, or visit our website on to view our full range.

Contact: Ruth Hewitt 01582 501983

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