New NSK Bearings Help Make High-Speed Elevator Rides Quieter and Smoother

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, (October, 2006) - NSK Corporation, a leader in the motion and control industry, is pleased to introduce a new line of spherical roller (SR) bearings designed specifically for use in elevator hoists. With elevator cars operating at faster speeds and capable of larger passenger capacities, conventional spherical roller bearings were unable to adequately handle the increased loads, resulting in an increase in noise and vibration. Manufacturers needed a solution and NSK has responded with a new Series of SR bearings designed to deliver superior stability to reduce rotational noise and vibration under high-speed and heavy load operating conditions.

Engineers at NSK were able to significantly reduce and control the contact that occurs between rollers and the inner ring and/or cage, which is the source of rotational noise, by reducing the clearance range of the bearing components to about half that of standard bearings. As well, they were successful in substantially improving the surface finish of the inner and outer ring surfaces and the out-of-roundness of both the raceways and the rollers themselves. As a result of NSK advanced technology and engineering, this new Series of SR bearings is able to operate at high-speed under heavy load with rotational noise levels an amazing 80% lower than standard spherical roller bearings. The result is a much quieter and smoother elevator ride.

"So many people rely on elevators to get to and from their offices every day." noted Tom Rouse, President of NSK Corporation. "At NSK, we're pleased that we can help provide manufacturers with a safe, quiet and comfortable ride every time."

For more information, please contact Rose Moya.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, NSK Limited is a world-class producer and innovator of motion and control products. Established in 1916, NSK became a world leader in the industry because of an intense commitment to engineering research, modern manufacturing processes and superior quality.

Today, the company is the world's second largest bearing manufacturer, employs over 20,000 people worldwide, has more than 47 global manufacturing facilities and over 100 sales operations, operates 13 technology centers and produces and distributes over 100,000 different types of bearings, linear motion and automotive component products.

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