New Neuron Base Boards Available in NB Basic and NB Turbo Variants

Press Release Summary:

  • Addresses all requirements needed to design, develop and prototype embedded edge computing devices that demand high performance factors
  • Accompanied by a range of vision analytics algorithms that uses NVIDIA’s CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT components
  • Ideal for realizing AI-based machine vision applications such as Edge camera with object detection and Human Activity Recognition

Original Press Release:

Mistral Launches Neuron – Base Card for NVIDIA Jetson SoMs

Scalable Development Platforms designed to meet the compelling needs of modern AI, Deep Learning, and inference at the edge

Bangalore, India and Fremont, CA, Wednesday, 14 October 2020: Mistral Solutions, a leading embedded design and system engineering company today announced the launch of Neuron Base Boards, a family of feature-rich, performance-oriented product development solutions for NVIDIA's Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX SoMs. The Neuron Base is designed to enable all the functional features of NVIDIA Jetson SOMs and aid faster product development and prototyping.

Mistral’s Neuron platform is ideal for realizing AI-based machine vision applications such as Edge Camera with object detection and recognition, Human Activity Recognition, Robotics, Drones, Autonomous Navigation, Radar-Camera Sensor Fusion and Smart Retail among others. The Neuron Board is available in two Variants - NB Basic and NB Turbo. The NB Basic brings out the basic required interfaces and connectivity of the Jetson SOM like Ethernet, CSI, USB, HDMI, M.2 M, mmWave RADAR etc. The NB Turbo is richer in terms of functional features and interfaces like GMSL, FPD Link III, Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth, and 9-axis IMU Sensors in addition to all features of NB Basic.

The Neuron Board is complemented by a range of Vision Analytics Algorithms that uses NVIDIA’s CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT components. Mistral has partnered with INKERS, a Deep Video Processing company, to integrate these algorithms on Neuron Board, making it for Retail Analytics, Security, and other AI applications.

"The Neuron Base is one of Mistral’s key releases in 2020 and is our flagship solution based on NVIDIA platforms. These boards address all crucial requirements needed to design, develop, and prototype embedded edge computing devices that demand highperformance factors and run complex AI workloads. Our aim is to enable customers to drastically reduce the overall development time and cost while developing robust, power-efficient AI products", said Daniel Noal, VP - North America Operations, Mistral Solutions.

“Mistral’s Neuron Base Boards support NVIDIA JetPack SDK, which enable the development of AI applications with accelerated libraries supporting all major AI frameworks as well as computer vision, graphics and multimedia, among others. Mistral also offers the Neuron Development Kit (Neuron Base Board integrated with the Jetson SoM) for quick product development. By integrating Neuron Base with our mmWave RADAR and an off-the-shelf Camera module, developers can realize Camera-Radar fusion solutions for Industrial and Automotive applications.” Selvaraj K, VP- Engineering (PES), Mistral Solutions.

With our expertise on the NVIDIA Jetson platforms and Vision Analytics algorithms, we can help customers with their application needs providing custom engineering services for design and development of NVIDIA Jetson based solutions like Edge Cameras, Media Gateway, Autonomous Navigation and other AI/ML and Computer Vision applications.

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