New NanoSTRIP for Spine and Orthopedic Use

Press Release Summary:

  • Available in 50 mm and 100 mm lengths
  • Reduces the need for human tissue
  • Provides option for crafting biologics specific to patient needs

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NanoFUSE Releases New Product NanoSTRIP: A 100% Bioactive Glass Synthetic Biologic Strip for Orthopedics

NanoFUSES' latest product is optimized for spine surgery

Boston (PRWeb) July 23, 2019 -- NanoFUSE is pleased to announce the market release of NanoSTRIP, a 100% bioactive glass synthetic biologic strip indicated for spine and orthopedic use. Bioactive glass is a calcium phosphate coated silica that forms hydroxyapatite (HA) similar to human bone. Bioactive glass has been clinically-proven in orthopedics for over 30 years and now NanoFUSE Biologics has used advanced research and manufacturing techniques to create a 100% bioactive glass strip optimized for spine surgery.

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Professor Kingsley R. Chin, M.D. says, “The exciting development with the 100% bioactive glass NanoSTRIP is it can reduce the need for human tissue. We see it laying in the posteolateral gutter or packing in and around interbodies.”

“The customizable nature of NanoSTRIP gives surgeons exciting options for crafting biologics specific to patient needs,” said NanoFUSE President, Jake Lubinski, “We are working with some of the top biologics scientists and spine surgeons to expand our product portfolio.”

The NanoFUSE Biologics NanoSTRIP is available in 50 mm and 100 mm lengths. A 200mm version will soon be released specifically for scoliosis.

To learn more about NanoFUSE Biologics clinically proven portfolio of biologics contact the Vice President of Product Business Development, Archie Yamada, at:

NanoFUSE Biologics

About NanoFUSE is the synergistic blend of osteoinductive DBM combined with the osteostimulative properties of bioactive glass. NanoFUSE is the only FDA-cleared combination of DBM and bioactive glass and is indicated for use in all orthopedic surgery. NanoFUSE Biologics is a KICVentures portfolio company and is distributed by SpineFrontier.

About KICVentures

KICVentures is a private investment holding company founded by Harvard-trained Orthopedic Surgeon & Professor Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, who brings unique experience at the intersection of medicine, business and information technology. KICVentures is equipped with a strong advantage in identifying niche healthcare opportunities and has a proven track-record of building the most disruptive spine technology portfolio, including AxioMed, NanoFUSE and SpineFrontier. It has headquarters in Boston, MA.

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