New Motor Drive Software by AC Kinetics Tops Rockwell and WEG Variable Speed Drives; Dramatic Energy Savings Certified In Transient Inertial Testing by Advanced Energy, Inc., Raleigh, NC

ARMONK, N.Y., -- A new variable speed drive software for motor controllers developed by AC Kinetics, Inc. used 37% less energy than a Rockwell 50HP motor drive, and 66.5% less than a WEG 5HP drive during transient inertial testing, in a December 12(th), 2014 report from Advanced Energy, Inc. the only independent NIST certified motor and drive lab in the US. 

AC Kinetics announced that it is "now negotiating with several drive makers who are potential licensees," says Dr. Neil Singer, president, AC Kinetics, Inc., an advanced engineering solution provider based in Armonk, NY. "We are also receiving support from end users who understand the implications of this breakthrough technology -- bottom line energy savings, improved motor performance and environmental benefits. The payback is exceptional for both drive makers and end users."

"The global adoption of our next generation motor controller software can dramatically lower energy use by motors operating in all modes, lowering energy costs in industrial, commercial and transportation applications while raising performance levels simultaneously," adds Dr. Singer.

"Our motor control algorithm, based on proprietary non-linear optimization techniques, has now proven to significantly reduce motor energy consumption during transients. Initial testing proved energy reduction in steady state modes," says Dr. Singer, whose firm is staffed with MIT PhD scientists and engineers.  "Our software is fully compatible with all VSD (variable speed drive) hardware, and is now available for licensing."

The AC Kinetics team has licensed motor control vibration reduction software worldwide for over 25 years. Licensees include NASA, DOE, Westinghouse, Danaher, Magnetek, Agilent/HP, Seagate and others. For more information, visit

Advanced Energy, based in Raleigh, NC, is the only independent NIST-certified laboratory in the North America accredited by NVLAP for motor efficiency testing. Advanced Energy provides independent testing, training and consulting to motor and drive manufacturers, OEMs that employ motors and drives in their equipment, governments, electric utilities, and many other private and public partners.  Visit:

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