New Monolithic Fiber Coupling Optic Enables More Compact and Cost Effective Laser Diode Modules

At the Photonics West 2010 LIMO presented a new concept for beam shaping and fiber coupling of laser diode bars (mini-bar structure 90 µm / 500 µm) with a single micro optical element.

Typically, high power diode lasers modules are made of laser diode bars and several optical elements. This assembly is often challenging in terms of numbers of components, numbers of alignment and mounting steps and therefore finally critical in terms of manufacturing costs. The new concept requires only one single multifunctional micro optical element to couple the emitted light into a fiber.

LIMO tested the monolithic fiber coupling optic with a 50 W laser mini-bar into a 600 µm fiber core (NA 0.22). A high coupling efficiency of 90% was reached.

Further advantages of this approach are:

o reduced material costs due to use of just one optical element
o easy and fast alignment
o shorter production time due to just one mounting step
o less reflection due to just two optical surfaces with antireflection coating
o compact laser module design

The monolithic fiber coupling optics is suitable for the mass production of high power diode laser systems for cost sensitive applications with limited requirements on brightness.

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