New Matta Safety Surfacing Provides Safe and Ergonomic Standing Work Surface

Press Release Summary:

  • Durable, robust and heavy-duty Industrial performance
  • Reduces fatigue associated with standing on hard surfaces for long periods
  • Acts as barrio against cold and damp floors

Original Press Release:

Equipment has Service, Inc Announces A New Matting Product Made From Recycled Materials that has A Large Variety of Designs for Varying Applications

The Work Matta safety surfacing delivers value in two ways:

  1. Delivers a system that is proven to withstand the rigors of industrial environments
  2. Design is Modular, you need never replace the entire system

Comfort Diamond Shield Matta safety surfacing provides a safe, ergonomic standing work surface.

  • Heavy-duty Industrial performance – durable and robust
  • Unique five-point interlock design
  • Assemble in open and closed configurations
  • Environmentally responsible – comprised of recycled materials
  • Minimizes health hazards, such as foot and let muscle strain and back pain
  • Reduces fatigue associated with standing on hard surfaces for long periods
  • Acts as a barrio against cold, damp floors

Compression columns (144) deliver proven ergonomic benefits. Compression columns on the underside of each Work Matta perform like springs – compressing into a comfortable degree of cushion. They also create a slightly uneven standing surface that promotes muscle stimulation in the lower extremities; this activity increases more efficient return of blood to the heart and lungs

For information Please Contact:

Henry W. Richardson

V.P. Marketing

Southland Equipment Service, Inc.

Office: 803-783-1171

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