New Masterflex® B/T® Process Tubing Pumps

Improved Housing! Improved Tubing! Improved Loading!

Vernon Hills, Ill., September 7, 2006 - Cole-Parmer introduces the new and improved line of Masterflex® B/T® process pumps featuring a redesigned, intuitive loading system for quick and easy tubing changes.

At the heart of the redesign is a new occlusion mechanism that slides the tubing bed out of the way, and a retention mechanism that grips the tubing for trouble-free loading. Additionally, the easy-clasp closure provides one-handed opening and locks closed without the use of tools.

Performance of these pumps has been improved through the use of new PerfectPosition(TM) tubing, which features retention marks to indicate the exact tubing alignment needed for optimal performance and tubing life. Two new tubing sizes-B/T 87 and B/T 91- provide enhanced pumping performance in high-pressure applications.

In addition, an improved, cast-aluminum housing offers quieter operation while withstanding rugged conditions. An epoxy-powder coating on the housing prevents chemical corrosion and improves cleanup. The easy-open front cover swings away for CIP or SIP protocols.

For more information, contact Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, 625 East Bunker Court,Vernon Hills, IL 60061. In the U.S.A. or Canada, call toll-free 800-323-4340.
International customers, call 847-549-7600. Visit us on the Internet at

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