New MAPS Central Office Switching Simulator Simulates and Test Advanced Telecom Infrastructure

Press Release Summary:

  • Provides a single solution for testing traffic and signaling across PSTN, IP and TDM networks
  • Converts PC into a digital central office switch simulator, PBX and switch, complete with T1, E1, POTS and IP interfaces
  • Monitor voice quality using PESQ (ITU-T P.862.1/2) and POLQA (ITU-T P.863)

Original Press Release:

Central Office Switching Simulator

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - Sep 23, 2019 - GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, addressed the press regarding the new product release, MAPS™ Central Office Switching Simulator - which provides a single solution for testing traffic and signaling across PSTN, IP and TDM networks.

“MAPS™ (Message Automation and Protocol Simulation) Central Office Switching Simulator converts a PC (portable, tower, rackmount) into a digital central office switch simulator, PBX and switch, complete with T1, E1, POTS, and IP interfaces”, said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications. “MAPS™ Central Office Switching Simulator is ideal for simulating and testing advanced telecom infrastructure including PBX, switches, gateways, and transmission systems. The simulator performs complex switching functions for routing PSTN to TDM calls while providing voice/data throughput and protocol conversion during call switching. MAPS™ can emulate both ends (or one end) of a complex switching network, and the switching equipment itself such as the SS7 SSP for routing TDM calls to/from local PSTN telephone exchange.”

He further added, “all signaling and traffic actions are easily controlled via scripts and provides all the flexibility required from a telephony test equipment. The Central Office Switching Simulator can also be used to verify all PSTN, IP and T1/E1 signaling protocols over different transport within the network infrastructure. These protocols include T1/E1 CAS, PRI ISDN, SS7, and IP protocols. It can also generate traffic such as digits, tones, voice files, fax, and more.”


  • A single-box system to test central office, PBX, gateways, analog/ IP networks
  • Provides complete network infrastructure for PSTN, IP, digital T1/E1 trunks, SS7, ISDN, and POTS (Plain Old Telephone System)
  • Call switching/routing among TDM-PSTN networks with protocol conversion capability
  • Automatic bulk call generation/reception for load testing
  • Automate call establishment and traffic generation / detection process through scripts
  • Monitor voice quality using PESQ (ITU-T P.862.1/2), POLQA (ITU-T P.863)
  • Call status/graphs, link status, message statistics, capture events, error events, user-defined call statistics and graphs
  • APIs and CLI access through multiple command-line based clients (Java, VBScripts, TCL, and Python)
  • Unlimited number of remote client user access using remote controller client-server module

About GL Communications Inc.

GL Communications Inc is a global provider of test and measurement solutions and has over the years worked with major telecom equipment vendors, service providers, and system integrators to meet the testing requirements arising at various stages of telecom products development life cycle.

GL offers a broad set of test solutions that help perform all types of testing on networks, from initial system design, to fine-tuning, troubleshooting, live deployment, and monitoring. The products are widely used to verify and ensure 'quality and reliability' of Wireless (4G LTE, 3G, 2G), SONET/SDH, IP, TDM, and PSTN networks.

GL core product development is backed by a dedicated team of R&D experts to match evolving market and technical challenges in a most cost-effective and innovative way.


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