New LT-440 Dielectric Channel for Real-time Analysis of The Curing of Thermosets and Composite Materials

Press Release Summary:

  • DC measurement capabilities provides benefits to users needing accurate data on resistive materials, such as silicones, towards the end of cure
  • AC measurement capabilities for applications needing measurement through vacuum bags and release films, where DC measurements won’t work
  • Oscillating signal moves ions back and forth with AC measurements

Original Press Release:

Industry’s Only Instrument to Offer AC and DC Measurement Capabilities Available Now from Lambient Technologies

Cambridge, MA: Lambient Technologies LLC, the leader in precision measurement solutions for the curing of advanced composite materials, announces the release of the LT-440 Dielectric Channel, the industry’s first cure measurement solution to combine AC and DC measurement capabilities. While Lambient Technologies has long provided AC measurement capabilities in its other instruments, the addition of DC makes the LT-440 Dielectric Channel the most versatile cure monitoring instrument available anywhere.

The addition of DC measurement capabilities provides important benefits to users needing accurate data on certain extremely resistive materials, such as silicones, towards the end of cure. In this instance, DC measurements offer the advantage of faster and more accurate cure data.

For users who currently rely on other DC measurement solutions, the LT-440 Dielectric Channel provides the added toolset of AC measurement capabilities, suitable for applications needing measurement through vacuum bags and release films, where DC measurements won’t work. In addition, DC users gain the ability to deploy AC measurements to more accurately follow the entire cure.

The Differing Advantages of AC and DC Measurements: Available Now in a Single Instrument

With AC measurements, an oscillating signal moves ions back and forth. DC measurements are much like a battery with fixed voltage that drives current through in just one direction. DC provides the advantage when measuring cure of any material with high resistance, such as silicones. AC provides the advantage for research-grade measurements that can follow the entire cure.

While AC techniques accurately probe the entire cure of thermosets and composites, measurements of DC resistance may have errors caused by electrochemical effects during early to mid-cure. During end of cure, however, AC and DC results agree, demonstrating how DC techniques can also measure cure state but must be used carefully and with an understanding of their limitations.

The LT-440 Dielectric Channel offers the industry’s most comprehensive toolkit for both types of cure measurement, backed by our unmatched experience in dielectric cure monitoring.

Lambient Technologies designs and produces instruments for real-time analysis of the curing of thermosets and advanced composite materials such as those used in aerospace, automotive, and wind power applications. Our products offer unique insights into how these materials react and change during curing, processing, and manufacturing. Armed with this critical data, users can proceed with research, quality testing, and final production, confident in the integrity of their processes and materials—and in the reliability of their finished products. For more information, visit or email

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