New Leak Detectors with Color Touch Screen Display

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  • FCO780 and FCO790 enables up to 300 test settings to be defined and internally saved, each with up to 16 sequence steps
  • Perform multiple types of test including differential pressure decay, absolute pressure decay, blockage, ramp, sealed item and bell
  • Compatibility with industrial protocols such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP allows simple connection to a PLC

Original Press Release:

Furness Controls Introduces The New FCO780 and FCO790 Leak Detectors

The FCO780 and FCO790 are the newest iterations of the highly successful, production line leak detector from Furness Controls. Building on the success of the FCO750 and the original FCO290, these high specification automatic leak testers are built with the world-class accuracy and reliability expected from global leaders in the industry.

Multiple Configuration Options

The latest leak detectors provide many, simple-to-use, configuration options for the user, allowing the standard settings to be extended or replaced.

The devices enable up to 300 test settings to be defined and internally saved, each with up to 16 sequence steps. These can then be applied to the wide variety of test types the instruments can perform.

Additional customizations come in the form of multiple pressure (vacuum to 30 bar) and leak range options, as well as a choice of automatic or manual regulators, and programmable inputs and outputs.

Standalone or Integrated

To deliver a high degree of flexibility, each leak tester can be used either standalone, or integrated into a wider system. The compatibility with industrial protocols such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP allows easy connection to a PLC; additional communication options through RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet ensure the versatility of the detectors in being used alongside other machinery, jigs or PCs.

The FCO780 and FCO790 offer a perfect platform to reduce testing station costs and complexity by negating the requirement for a PLC altogether. Through the use of electrical I/O and pneumatic outputs, the instruments themselves can control the entire test station.

Physically, the devices are supplied in a robust steel bench-top case. The two extending front feet can be angled for ease of viewing the screen. Case extensions are also available for rack mounting.

Easy-to-use Touch Screen

The control interface for the device is a generously-sized colour touch screen display. It features simple menu navigation for programming the instrument and provides many display modes, including operational status and instantaneous graphical results during testing.

The screen output can also be customised, allowing the operator to define their own images to represent various stages of each test, or create screen prompts to assist in the test cycle. The display can be accessed and altered mid-cycle, without the need to disrupt the test process.

Multiple Test Types

The multi-function pressure decay leak detectors can perform multiple types of test, including differential pressure decay, absolute pressure decay (coarse leak), blockage, ramp, sealed item (dump test or dosing procedure) and bell. Test runs can be linked in any combination of sequences, up to 16 steps, allowing for many different forms of product evaluation.

In addition to multiple test types, the instrument incorporates programmable I/O, delay times and flexible logic functions to facilitate the control of external valves without the need for a PLC.

Internal Data Storage

The built-in datalogger stores test results locally for easy recall or export. Results can be analyzed on-device using the enhanced clarity screen, or exported via USB memory stick for analysis on computer.

The high-specification FCO780 and FCO790 leak detectors are designed to be a valuable addition to any testing scenario. Each device uses Furness Controls’ differential pressure sensors, meeting the global gold standard for low pressure detection. With carefully crafted flexibility and configuration options, they successfully reduce complexity and enhance functionality for the user

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