New Lab Machine Tester Detects Tire Stress in 3 Axes with Variable Velocity

Press Release Summary:

  • Able to run the carriage from low to high speed using high speed conveyance unit system
  • Delivers braking/driving force with response time of 5 to 1000 msec
  • Measures distribution of 3 component force values of tire tread contact patch panels in load, velocity, tangential force and lateral force modes

Original Press Release:

Kokusai's Latest Lab Machine for Both Automotive and Tire Testing

Kokusai's latest lab machine for both Automotive and Tire testing. Watch the videos that cover the machine basics of camber, load, and steering (slip) and tangential force and show the details of 24 selected profiles that demonstrate the extreme flexibility of the system. These profiles include its capability for ABS Simulation, suspension testing and many others are shown as well. Email us for more information at

System capabilities:

  • Able to measure the Tread Pattern detail and shared force distribution through the use of piezo sensors in the flat road surface.
  • Able to load at high-speed a very stable torque (drive / absorption) system -by incorporating the On Demand Torque Generator into the Power-In-Loop system. The tester can flexibly and with stability apply these forces for simulation of driving and braking forces.
  • Able to run the carriage from low speed to high speed by high speed conveyance unit system (adapted from Kokusai impact/sled test machine).
  • Able to load Tangential and Lateral forces for each tread pattern on varying road surfaces.
  • Able to detect tire stress in 3 axes with variable velocity from the low to high speed 2 kph – 80 kph.
  • Able to map the stress of tire tread contact patch more accurately than conventional tread observing devices by simultaneously analyzing both 6 component force on tire side and 3 component force on road surface.
  • Able to measure the distribution of 3 component force values of tire tread contact patch in multiple modes (load, velocity, tangential force, and lateral force) through use of On Demand Torque
  • Able to provide necessary data to improve tire performance such as steering stability, rolling resistance (energy saving), and wear resistance through data output including “Magic Formula”
  • Multiple road surfaces available with different aggregates for Mu and Spatial frequency.
  • Ability to control the force of loading, slip, camber and tangential force with accuracy and speed of electric servo motion.
  • Able to load the braking/driving force with response of 5 msec to 1000 msec.
  • Real world wet road tests with standing water are • Output Data to Tydex file based on “Magic Formula”  Flat Road Basics  Flat Road Profiles

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