New Kubotek Model Simplification Technology Produces Compact, Precise, High Fidelity Designs Using Imported Geometry

Smaller Files and Fast Evaluations Powered by New Analytic Face Support

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Oct. 16 // -- Kubotek USA, creator of geometry-based CAD software, today announced new technology to assist design engineers working with legacy files and imported CAD models. Newly announced model repair capabilities will reduce the time and cost of successfully sending designs to manufacturing for production. Kubotek continues to take the lead in furthering technology advancements that solve data exchange and interoperability challenges for today's global manufacturing companies.

Advancements in simplification technology produce compact, precise and high fidelity design models. Integrated into the company's KeyCreator® and REALyze(TM) products, these model repair capabilities extract more value from non-native CAD data by curtailing the need to rebuild imported CAD models from scratch.

"Simplification technology is our newest breakthrough in model repair and important to Kubotek's long-term vision for 3D CAD modeling," said Dr. Paul Stallings, vice president of development for Kubotek USA. "Model simplification produces much smaller files with a more 'intelligent' definition, making solid modeling functions much faster and more robust. The technology enables users to do more direct solid modeling operations on imported models. This approach helps companies increase the value of CAD assets by allowing reuse of model data instead of rebuilding models."

Simpler, More Compact, Smarter Imported Models

Surfaces and solid faces exported from various CAD programs are frequently represented as generic spline surfaces. New simplification technology from Kubotek analyzes these spline surfaces and, as appropriate, re-classifies them into higher analytic forms such as planar, cylindrical and toroidal. These smarter analytic forms allow the company's KeyCreator and REALyze products to make use of the faces for feature discovery and real geometry editing capabilities.

Analytic faces enable more robust and faster modeling operations while producing much smaller files. This technology also re-intersects surfaces to remove certain tolerant edge conditions. Kubotek's simplification technology detects and automatically merges redundant faces and edges. The ultimate result is a more compact, precise, and higher fidelity design. Once the quality of the model has been improved and the size reduced, the improved model can be transferred using the ACIS SAT or Parasolid file formats to other CAD/CAM programs that support the higher analytic face forms.

About KeyCreator

KeyCreator software is changing the face of CAD with smart tools that are setting new benchmarks for design flexibility. This award-winning product takes a Real Geometry approach to 3D modeling. Technology advancements offer the ability to quickly create design concepts from scratch, make changes to any CAD model regardless of CAD format, and extract and modify geometry in real-time on imported models. KeyCreator software blends surface, solid and wireframe capabilities to give design and manufacturing professionals the ultimate choice in determining which modeling environment is most productive.


REALyze provides unrivaled, geometry-based tools to effectively work with imported 3D models created in non-native CAD systems. Real-time access to design data enables imported models to be diagnosed, repaired and quickly reused for new product development or downstream manufacturing. REALyze tools discover model intelligence through advanced technologies that are breaking new ground in data exchange and reuse.

About Kubotek USA

Kubotek USA, Inc., headquartered in Marlborough, MA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation. Kubotek USA develops and manufactures KeyCreator mechanical CAD software, REALyze multiCAD data exchange tools, rapid prototyping and non-contact inspection systems, and offers the Kubotek Spectrum multiCAD viewer. Contact Kubotek USA at 800-377-3872 or visit

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