New Intelligent Functions from Mazak Improve Productivity, Assist Operators

(FLORENCE, KENTUCKY) - Intelligent machines from Mazak equipped with the company's newest Intelligent Machine Functions are designed to simultaneously help experienced machine operators maximize their skills and monitor themselves in order to realize optimum production and avoid errors.

Mazak recently introduced three new Intelligent Functions including Intelligent Performance Spindle (IPS), Intelligent Maintenance Support (IMS) and Intelligent Balance Analyzer (IBA).

Intelligent Performance Spindle (IPS) - IPS monitors a variety of parameters with sensors housed in the spindle. These include temperature, vibration and displacement, feeding back this critical information to the operator. With this data, potential machine problems in the spindle can be prevented, which results in a decrease in machine downtime and the ensuing loss of production.

Intelligent Balance Analyzer (IBA) - Fixtures and/or workpieces unbalanced on the machine table affect safe machine operation as well as turning accuracy. IBA analyzes the balance of the table load and displays the amount of weight and in which locations are required to eliminate the unbalanced condition. The same system will automatically stop table rotation if excessive vibration is detected.

Intelligent Maintenance Support (IMS) - Monitors the status of perishable items such as filters, cover wipers and the operation history of several machine units. This information is useful to determine a preventive maintenance program to prevent unexpected machine downtime. Additionally, when the replacement time is reached for an item such as a filter, a pop-up window notifies the operator to ensure required maintenance is performed.

Other Intelligent Machine Functions are now standard on most Mazak machine tools. Intelligent Thermal Shield (ITS), Intelligent Safety Shield (ISS), and Mazak Voice Advisor (MVA) are resident on all Mazak models, with the exception of the 5-axis VORTEX. Active Vibration Control (AVC) is a function applicable to all machining centers, including vertical, horizontal, and 5-axis, as described below.

Intelligent Thermal Shield (ITS) - Even if the temperature in a factory changes, ITS maintains temperature stability for high-precision machining. Automatic compensation for temperature changes is based on data obtained during tests performed in a temperature-controlled room. As a result, machine heat displacement is less than 0.0003-inch with a temperature change of 14.48 degrees F (8 degrees C).

Active Vibration Control (AVC)- Machine vibration caused by rapid axis acceleration/deceleration can considerably affect machining accuracy and time. AVC reduces the vibration for high-accuracy motion in all axes and reduces machine cycle time. By reducing tool-nose vibration, high-quality machined surfaces result and excessive tool-nose wear is eliminated.

Intelligent Safety Shield (ISS) - When an operator manually moves the machine axes for setup, tool measurement by the Tool Eye or changing inserts, ISS shows a synchronized 3D model on the Mazatrol Matrix CNC display for checking machine interference. If any machine interference were to occur, the machine motion immediately stops.

Mazak Voice Advisor (MVA) - This system provides verbal support for machine setup and safe condition confirmation. It verbally informs the operator which
switches have been selected and advises caution as necessary during manual machine operation.

Virtual Machining - With Virtual Machining, programs can be input with minimum errors and time required for test cuts. Realistic machine 3D simulation displays are used for convenient program confirmation and check for any possible machine interference.

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