New In-Home Water Test Kits Enable Homeowners to Ensure Water is Safe and Clean

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  • Designed to detect 10-25 common contaminants found in water
  • Comprehensive water test kit includes arsenic, chloride, fluoride and sulfate
  • Essential water test kit includes bacteria, copper, free chlorine, iron, nitrate, nitrite, lead, pesticide, pH level, total dissolved solids meter and total hardness level

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Culligan International Launches In-Home Water Test Kits

Cutting-edge Kits Offer Peace of Mind to Home Owners

Rosemont, Ill., April 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As a world leader in water treatment, Culligan International is introducing a new line of in-home water test kits to help homeowners ensure their water is safe and clean. Designed to detect 10-25 common contaminants found in water, the Culligan Water Test Kits are available on

"Our research shows that consumers are concerned about the safety of the water in their homes. Culligan's new Water Test Kits will bring them peace of mind," said Larry Holzman, senior vice president of North American Franchise, Culligan International. "By providing quick, in-home testing and high-quality analysis, families can understand the status of their water quickly and easily."

With the new Culligan Water Test Kits, homeowners can see most results in just a matter of minutes. The kits are available in two different versions and individuals can select the level of water testing they feel is needed in their home:

  • Culligan Essential Water Test Kit – The Culligan Essential Water Test Kit provides convenience along with safety, enabling individuals to test for 10 common water contaminants. These include bacteria, copper, free chlorine, iron, nitrate, nitrite, lead, pesticide, pH level, total dissolved solids (TDS) meter and total hardness level. Within minutes of testing, individuals will be aware if their water contains unsafe or undesirable levels of the most common contaminants.
  • Culligan Comprehensive Water Test Kit – For a more thorough test, individuals can test their water with the Comprehensive Water Test Kit. This includes all the materials needed to test for the contaminants in the Essential Water Test Kit, as well as a mail-in water sample test, which checks for 25 additional contaminants through Culligan's National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) certified lab. This includes: arsenic, chloride, fluoride and sulfate.

Testing your water is the fi­rst step in making sure your water is fresh, clean and safe. If results suggest that your water quality needs action, a local Culligan representative can offer a variety of water filtration and softening solutions that work best for your home.

To purchase a Culligan Water Lab Test Kit visit To learn more about the Culligan Water Lab Test Kits or to find your local Culligan representative, visit

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Founded in 1936 by Emmett Culligan, Culligan International is a world leader in delivering water solutions that will improve the lives of their customers. The company offers some of the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art water filtration products. Culligan's products include water softeners, drinking water systems, whole-house systems and solutions for business. Culligan's network of franchise dealers is the largest in the world, with over 800 dealers in 90 countries. Many Culligan dealers have valuable equity in their communities as multigenerational family owners of their franchises. For more information visit:

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