New Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment Offers Strength and Capabilities like Never Before

Press Release Summary:

  • Uses computerized technology to bore a location and make the required changes in guidance
  • Makes operation of installing pipes, cables or conduit underground simple and error-free
  • Effectively work even at the sites where there are conflicting signals

Original Press Release:

ShalePumps Offers Heavy Duty Rugged Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

United States, May’19: Now, get the best performance under all challenging drilling circumstances with heavy duty rugged horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment. ShalePumps, a pump equipment manufacturer offers the best quality horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pumps.

ShalePumps’ horizontal directional drilling equipment is top in technology and mechanism. They use computerized technology to bore a location and make the required changes in guidance. Their tracking systems are the best in technology, and they offer specific results of readings in directional drilling. With their HDD equipment, the operation of installing pipes, cables, or conduit underground will be simpler and error-free.

Horizontal directional drilling equipment offered by ShalePumps are made with superior quality materials, precision, and design. Their HDD pumps undergo detailed scrutiny before the sale. Their horizontal directional drilling equipment can effectively work even at the sites where there are conflicting signals. Their high tech HDD device gives their clients more strength and capabilities like never before.

ShalePumps, headquartered in Houston, offers a wide range of pumps, drilling equipment, fracking and drilling mud pumps, and many more. Their equipment is innovative in design and performance. They aim to support the industry with superior completion equipment. ShalePumps is headed by experts and they have a combined experience of more than a hundred years in the oil and exploration industry.

Use the high-quality HDD equipment from ShalePumps. Visit their website to know more about the advanced horizontal directional drilling equipment that they offer. Call them at 713.466.0026 to know more about their products and services. Send an email to for any query.

About the company:

ShalePumps is a leading pump manufacturer based in Houston, Texas, the oil capital of the world. The company is focused on manufacturing high pressure fracturing, drilling, and well-servicing pumps of innovative design. ShalePumps, a limited liability company has the infrastructure and expertise to build and deliver reliable equipment that exceeds industry standards.

Contact Details:

Contact Person - Peyton D. Waters III, Vice President, Director of Supply Chain Management

Address - ShalePumps, LLC

5615 Clara Rd.

Houston, Texas 77041

Contact No. – 713.466.0026

Fax: 713.466.5981



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