New Hope Telephone Cooperative Brings 'Fiber to the People' with Draka's Bendbright-XS(TM)

New Hope Telephone Cooperateive (NHTC) announces the completion of 1st phase of state-of-the-art FTTH network utilizing 100% Draka bend-insensitive fiber

Claremont , North Carolina February 27, 2009- Draka Communications, a global leader in optical fiber and cable, and New Hope Telephone Cooperative (NHTC) have jointly announced the completion of the 1st phase of NHTC's state-of-the-art FTTH network utilizing 100% bend-insensitive fiber. NHTC is currently deploying Draka's BendBright-XS bend-insensitive fiber in all cables, from 2-fiber drop cables to 864-fiber ribbon feeder cables. The first phase of the NHTC network in Northern Alabama , which began in February 2008, contains over 30,000 kilometers of bend-insensitive fiber.

NHTC, headquartered outside Huntsville , Alabama , serves the townships of New Hope , Grant and Owens Cross Roads. "We are committed to providing our customers with the best services delivered and supported by the latest proven technologies. Having bend-insensitive fiber throughout the network increases efficiency in installation and enhances the longevity and reliability of the network," commented Tom Wing, General Manager of NHTC. "We expect to use Draka's BendBright-XS family of cables across our entire network going forward."

Draka's BendBright was first introduced in 2002 and became standard in all Draka drop cables in 2005. In 2006 Draka released BendBright-XS, its second generation bend-insensitive fiber, which is hundreds of times more bendable than standard singlemode fiber. Cables using BendBright-XS can be handled much like copper, being bent around tight corners and even stapled to studs with virtually no signal loss. BendBright-XS leverages a trench-assisted core profile with the flexibility and performance of its standard Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD) manufacturing process to exceed stringent ITU-T G.657.B bending requirements. The advantage of the Draka design is its inherent compatibility with existing networks, eliminating splicing concerns and special procedures in connectorization, where other bend insensitive fibers with unproven designs may exhibit significant variations in performance and impact their use in the field.

"For over 99 years Draka has engaged worldwide in providing innovative cabling solutions for a wide range of applications. We believe bend-insensitive fibers, like Fiber-to-the-Home itself, will soon become ubiquitous and we're pleased to be associated with companies like New Hope who are leaders in the effort to bring 'Fiber to the People'" says Tony Valentino, Vice President of Sales for Draka Communications - Americas .

About New Hope Telephone Cooperative

With more than fifty years of service to the community, New Hope Telephone Cooperative is a progressive and forward thinking telecommunications cooperative dedicated to providing the most advanced communications technology to the residents and businesses of New Hope , Grant and Owens Cross Roads, Alabama . Through a partnership with the USDA Rural Utility Service program, the company is continuing to expand its offerings, including Triple Play services. For more information please visit

About Draka Communications - Americas

Draka, headquartered in Amsterdam , the Netherlands , is a Euros2.7 billion, publicly listed (Euronext) company with 10,050 employees worldwide. Draka is divided into three Groups: Energy & Infrastructure, Industry & Specialty and Communications.

Draka Communications is a world leader in the development, production and sale of optical fiber, cable and cable systems. Draka recently launched a new type of Ultra-Bend Insensitive Fiber, BendBright-Elite, a sister product to BendBright-XS, its industry-leading bend-insensitive optical fiber for FTTx applications. Draka's BendBright-Elite is made possible by combining trench-assisted core structures with the flexibility of its Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD) manufacturing process and is specially customized and fine-tuned for component intra-connections and specialty applications.

Draka Communications' roots in North America run a century deep in names like Alcatel, ITT, Ericsson, Chromatic Technologies, and Phelps Dodge. Our clients are served from Draka's unique site in Claremont , North Carolina which is home to a 125-acre corporate campus & Americas headquarters, over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space and the only integrated optical fiber and cable facility in North America . For more information please visit

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