New HD Alumina with Straight through Vias for Thin Film Applications

AdTech Ceramics has designed a product line that combines thin film substrate qualities (5 micro inch or better surface finish) with multilayer HTCC structure and straight through hermetic vias, with the practicality of multilayer co-fire alumina. Demonstrated programs have included flip chip, copper metallization and cavities.

AdTech has 30+ years of multilayer ceramic (MLC) manufacturing and 15+ years of AlN multilayer technology experience, and offers microwave modeling & design and developmental partnerships.

For more information on AdTech's new HD Alumina technologies or other electronic ceramic packaging capabilities, please visit or e-mail

Press Contact:
Bill Minehan
General Manager

AdTech Ceramics
511 Manufacturers Road,
Chattanooga, TN 37405
Phone: 423-755-5508,
Fax: 423-755-5438

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