New Gearbox Upgrade Means Higher Tech Specs

Celebrating 25 years of the alpha brand, we are giving the market higher technical specs for our alpha SP+ and alpha TP+ ranges

Starting in July 2009, the alpha SP+ and alpha TP+ will have a slightly new look...and, most importantly, higher technical specifications. These two gearboxes have received a facelift which will make them astatically look slightly different; however, this change which will not impact on critical external and connecting dimensions. All customers ordering gearboxes from these two series during summer 2009 will receive the new series. The technical specifications are already available online and in the 2009 printed Wittenstein (alpha) catalog.

The upgraded series are the results of Wittenstein's decades of research, development and improvements in the field of mechatronics. The torques of the new look are significantly higher - up to 25%, depending on the version - raising the power density of these compact gearboxes. Users can benefit through energy savings from this extra torque by "downsizing", that is to say they can select a smaller more cost effective gearbox without compromising on specifications. The optimal gearbox design can be designed into your system with the help of Wittenstein's new version of cymex® 3.2 servo sizing tool, which additionally features an integrated calculator for energy consumption. Combine these benefits with 100% exit testing of all alpha SP+ and alpha TP+ gearboxes and you receive our expression of perfection.

Additional configurations of the new design also include:

- Reduced inertia option

- SP+ with Extreme High Speed option

- SP+ with hollow (shrink disc) output

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