New Gap-frame CX Series with Press Capacity of 80-300 US Tons

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  • Available as manual or automated standalone presses or as fully automated tandem lines
  • Wet type clutch and brake assembly with its built-in flywheel will enable high energy at high speeds
  • Utilizes crank motion slide kinematics and can perform applications including blanking and progressive operations

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SIMPAC Revolutionizes Press Manufacturing with its New CX Series & IIOT Technology

Troy, Mich., Dec. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SIMPAC America, North American subsidiary of South Korea's SIMPAC Inc., announces the recent launch of parent company SIMPAC's new gap-frame CX Series and its IIOT technology designed to accelerate small part production of stamped parts for the appliance, automotive, and other general industries.

When developing the CX Series, SIMPAC heavily focused on multiple convenience and user-friendly components, including the application of the new electric system, SPMS (SIMPAC Press Monitoring System). The SPMS is a user-centered interface created to incorporate IIOT into future SIMPAC press models. Its advanced safety and expandability features greatly surpass the press manufacturer's previous Operator Panel (OP Panel), manufactured back in 2010. The SPMS system is now freely movable with its integrated pendant and arm attachments, allowing for greater accessibility.

"The all-new CX Series was designed to be an industry-leading gap-frame press for the production of various general stamping applications. This model is equipped with automation-friendly features such as multiple cams and newly designed SPMS press controls – creating a new standard for operations and digitization," explains Mr. KH Song, Head of Overseas Dept. at SIMPAC, Inc. "We are confident that the CX Series will exceed metal former's expectations with its effective and versatile performance."

Additional technological advancements of the CX Series include FEM analysis to increase durability and frame strength of the press, progressive feeder sensors for monitoring quantitative measurements of refuels, injections, and adjustments in lubrication, and new temperature sensors on the drive units to ensure preservation of the press and longevity of equipment lifespan.

Stampers interested in the CX Series will experience the wide supporting 4 and 6-sided gibs for tackling eccentric loads, greater accuracy, and high precision. The CX's wet type clutch and brake assembly with its built-in flywheel will enable high energy at high speeds – with a low noise level due to the improved gear drive system. The CX's applied O-Ring and Gib Oil Cutter along with improvements made to the crank, drive parts, and balance structure will drastically reduce any potential oil leakage.

"Look, our customers are always our first priority. We hear all the time from plant managers all over North America that, even for the production of small parts, size really does matter when it comes to maximum flexibility on the shop floor," states Stephan Robertson, General Manager/VP of Sales & Operations at SIMPAC America. "This is why the CX is already showing high demand. It provides a bigger bolster, longer slide stroke, and wider shut height range – essentially covering the immediate needs stressed by multiple industries, including the EV market."

Available as manual or automated standalone presses, or as fully automated tandem lines, the CX Series has a press capacity of 80-300 US tons, utilizes crank motion slide kinematics, and can perform various applications including blanking and progressive operations.

SIMPAC reported a vast quantity of CX systems sold worldwide – specifically, in South Korea, Turkey, Poland, and South Africa. Despite the current pandemic and economic crisis at hand, these impressive sales and technological advancements further prove SIMPAC to be a global leader of metal forming technology. SIMPAC's unbeatably fast delivery times, extensive production capabilities, massive inventory of plate, and casting, gear, and fab shops have ensured competitive and cost-efficient production of high-quality, sophisticated press systems for almost fifty years with unrivaled expectations that SIMPAC will continue to disrupt the industry with future IIOT innovations.


Founded in 1973, SIMPAC holds almost 50% of the market share in its home market of South Korea. Since 2004, over 10 sales and service branches were established in Asia, Europe, the United States and Mexico – marking the company's footprint as a global leader of metal forming technology.

SIMPAC ensures time and cost-efficient production of high-quality, sophisticated products with its extensive production capabilities and state-of-the art machine park. Competitive advantages of SIMPAC's press systems, manufactured exclusively at the company's South Korean plants, include continuous improvements derived from insights of global markets and value-added manufacturing concepts pertaining to SIMPAC Group. 

About SIMPAC America:

SIMPAC America is the North American subsidiary of South Korea's SIMPAC, Inc. The company's product portfolio comprises mechanical, servo, and hydraulic presses along with tandem lines and automation solutions. Customers are acquired from various branches of the metalworking industry (i.e. automotive manufacturers and tier suppliers, home appliances and household goods, furniture and electronics industries, and the military & aerospace industry).

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