New Food-Grade Enzymes to Improve Product Taste and Quality

Press Release Summary:

  • High degrading efficiency accelerates food processing and upregulates production efficiency
  • Delivers high-quality, nutritious and tasty products to consumers
  • Applications, such as baking, brewing, dairy, meat and beverage

Original Press Release:

Creative Enzymes Launches New Line of Food-Grade Enzymes for Enhanced Food Processing

Creative Enzymes, a professional enzyme provider based in New York, USA, is pleased to announce the launch of food-grade enzymes designed for improved food processing. These innovative enzymes offer high-performance and cost-effective solutions to help food manufacturers meet their goals and satisfy consumers’ demands for healthier, tastier, and more sustainable food production.

The new line of food-grade enzymes includes a diverse range of products used in different food applications, such as baking, brewing, dairy, meat, and beverage. These enzymes have been developed by a team of experienced scientists and technicians using advanced biotechnology methods and rigorous quality control standards with ensured safety, effectiveness, and consistency.

"We are excited to introduce our food-grade enzymes to the food industry. Our enzymes are designed to help food manufacturers overcome processing challenges and deliver high-quality, nutritious, and tasty products to consumers. We believe these enzymes will become game-changers for the food industry, enabling more sustainable food processing," said Creative Enzymes' Chief Scientist.

Creative Enzymes recognizes the importance of developing safe, natural, and nutrient-rich products for the food industry. Hence, the company offers attractive solutions to support customers in bringing such products to market with greater success. Compared to traditional food-grade enzymes, the new food-grade enzymes offer several advantages, such as: 

  • Higher activity: Professionally optimized formulas and processes that afford higher enzymatic activity and stability products, degrading complex food ingredients more effectively.
  • Shorter processing time: High degrading efficiency accelerates food processing and upregulates production efficiency.
  • Lower cost: Lower usage than traditional enzyme preparations, helping companies minimize production costs and maximize profitability.
  • Better taste and quality: Effectively degrade bad ingredients in food, improving product taste and quality and allowing consumers to enjoy healthier foods.

Some food grade enzymes offered by the company include the followings:

  • α Galactosidase
  • Native Aspergillus oryzae exo-Inulinase (food grade)
  • Concentrated food-grade lactase powder for Dairy Processing

As a professional enzyme preparation supplier, Creative Enzymes has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and professional technical support. "The launch of new food-grade enzymes is the result of years of hard work by our team. We believe it will help improve production efficiency and quality for food processing companies and enhance market competitiveness," he further added.

About Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes is a remarkable supplier and manufacturer of probiotics. Equipped with advanced technology platforms, Creative Enzymes is able to offer high-quality and professional probiotic products for customers. Last but not least, its products and services have been widely used to leverage research for academic institutions and pharmaceutical industries. 

Address: Shirley, NY 11967, USA

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