New Flame Safe Cabinets are FM Approved

Press Release Summary:

  • Available in variety of capacities ranging from 4 to 90 gallons
  • Can store excess hand sanitizers as the cabinets are flame safe
  • Closes tightly without any exposure

Original Press Release:

Flame Safe Cabinets for Hand Sanitizer

Proper storage is particularly important for hand sanitizer especially today when it is a necessity. It is very flammable and should be stored with care. Sanitizer is a class 1 flammable liquid, meaning that it is ignitable at room temperature. This is a problem if hand sanitizer is exposed to an open flame. If careful with hand sanitizer storage however, there is no problem. A flame safe cabinet it the safest spot to store excess hand sanitizers.

Another problem with improper hand sanitizer storage is that when it is hot for too long it will lose its strength. For example, after sitting a while in a hot car, the sanitizing aspect of the bottle starts to go away or worsen. If you want your sanitizer to stay effective and safe from fire be sure to store it properly.

A Plus Warehouse added a line of safety cabinets for storage. They are FM approved cabinets. Each cabinet closes tightly so there cannot be any exposure. We offer these cabinets in a variety of capacities ranging from 4 gallons to 90. For more information gives us a call at 800-209-8798.

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