New Encoder Features Non-Volatile Turn Count Storage

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  • Designed for applications where motion exceeds one turn
  • Easy to install in a wide spectrum of applications, including robot joints, servo motors, linear stages, cartesian robots, cranes, wind turbines and antenna masts
  • Available in sizes 75 to 300mm

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Celera Motion Unveils the Multiturn Inductive Angle Encoder

The latest addition to the IncOder Series, the Multiturn offers precise angle measurements for applications including robot joints, cranes and antenna masts

BEDFORD, Mass. (Nov, 17, 2021) — Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., announced today the latest addition to its groundbreaking IncOder™ and Ultra IncOder™ Series: the Multiturn IncOder inductive angle encoder.

Using an inductive technique, the non-contact Multiturn IncOder enables precise and reliable absolute angle measurement over multiple revolutions, even in harsh environments. It is easy to install in a wide spectrum of applications, including robot joints, servo motors, linear stages, cartesian robots, cranes, wind turbines and antenna masts.

“Celera Motion’s IncOder Series offers the industry’s most advanced angular measurement capabilities, providing precise, reliable measurements that our customers have come to rely upon,” said Mike Mainvielle, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing for Celera Motion. “Demand is growing for these innovative products, so we’re excited to introduce the Multiturn IncOder to the series. It is ideal for more compact and lightweight systems and performs extraordinarily well even in the toughest environments.”

Introduced in 2019 as a high-accuracy expansion of the original IncOder Series, the Ultra IncOder Series features absolute, inductive encoders that provide precision angle measurements in harsh environments and applications where fit-and-forget reliability is critical.

The Ultra IncOder Series is available in sizes 75 to 300mm. Each unit is pre-calibrated and offers up to 19 arc-seconds accuracy depending on size. Higher accuracy units enable precise positioning and optimal system performance.

The latest addition to the series is the Multiturn IncOder, a robust absolute inductive encoder with non-volatile turn count storage. It is designed for applications where motion exceeds one turn, such as rotary-to-linear motion and geared rotary systems.

Perfect for more compact and lightweight systems, the Multiturn IncOder is a low-profile ring encoder with a large through-hole. Unlike traditional multiturn encoders, the gearless design is wear-free and does not require a battery backup supply. It integrates easily with Everest and Capitan servo drives and can be direct mounted without special couplings or high tolerance.

The Multiturn IncOder measures the absolute angle position within a single turn, and also monitors the number of revolutions. Turn count is always retained, even during “loss of power” events.
Among its benefits, the Multiturn IncOder offers:

  • An adjustable zero set function, simplifying installation and setup
  • A bearingless and gearless design, making the encoder wear-free and maintenance free
  • Non-volatile turn-count storage so the turn count is retained through power loss
  • A rugged design that is insensitive to foreign matter, allowing it to operate in extreme
    environments➢ SSI, BiSS-C, ASI (asynchronous serial), SPI Comms for integration with a range of servo drives and controllers
  • Multiple size and mounting formats for increased design flexibilityA low-profile form factor and large bore, ideal for more compact and lightweight systems

The sensor offers up to 21 bits single turn resolution and 12 bits multiturn resolution (8 bits for SSI options) and is available as part of the Midi IncOder and Midi Ultra IncOder Series.

More details about the Multiturn IncOder can be found at Further information about the entire Ultra IncOder Series can be found at

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