New Dual Chamber Bottle Produced by M&H Plastics

The new Buster Deep Clean Foamer is an innovative solution for cleaning drains, pipes and overflows. It is packaged in a dual chamber bottle with a shrink sleeve cover and a cap with a directional nozzle. When squeezed, the directional nozzle mixes the liquids together producing a foaming cleaner with a unique Diactive® action. This foam expands to fill the whole pipe, providing a deep down clean, blasting gunge and eliminating odours. This compares favourably to simple liquid cleaners, such as bleach, which only clean a portion of the pipe. MH Plastics, part of the RPC Group of Companies, developed the bottle.

On behalf of Challs, Louise Renwick, Buster Brand Manager commented on the product saying, “M&H Plastics helped us develop this innovative solution to combine the two cleaning agents and has produced a quality package that enables our customers to enjoy cleaner plugholes, pipes and overflows with reduced exposure to germs such as e.Coli and other harmful bacteria that can reside in pipes that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned.”

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