New Drilling Reamer with Unique on/off Mechanism Will Save Operators Time and Money

HOUSTON, --Paradigm Oilfield Services is today launching a drilling reamer with a
unique pressure-controlled on/off mechanism, enabling operators to drill ahead without having to pull the tool out of the hole to reset it.

The patent pending hydraulic Real Time Activation Drilling Reamer is triggered by standpipe pressure changes, allowing continuous drilling and potentially saving millions of dollars during multiple well operations.

Scotland headquartered Paradigm Oilfield Services, a subsidiary of Netherlands' Paradigm Group, is unveiling a suite of innovative tools, custom designed by its in-house design engineers to address global drilling challenges at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston from 2 - 4 May.

Darren Ritchie, engineering manager at Paradigm Oilfield Services said:
"Our Real Time Activation Drilling Reamer is different from anything else in the market because of its unique blade opening and the on/off mechanism can be instantly activated even when drilling thousands of feet down. Other tools with on/off features still depend on the operator feeding either a tag or a ball down the hole, so we believe the time saving that our rapid action pressure tool offers will be of great interest."

Paradigm will also be unveiling its new patent pending Circulation Sub with the same inside mechanism as the drilling reamer. It can be used on drill strings to aid cuttings transport, hole cleaning, increase circulation rates and for tripping dry pipe. The unique repeatable system means the Circulation Sub can be opened and closed as many times as required downhole without waiting for a ball to land on a seat.

Paradigm is developing roller reamers and the team is also working on the development of an innovative suite of torque and drag reduction tools for entry into the market in 2012.

The company has just appointed a new manufacturing manager to support the roll out of new product ranges. Bill Docherty has 35 years' experience in manufacturing roles and joins from Fugro-impROV where he has been the Purchasing and Materials Team Lead.

The company launched in 2009, offering a multi-million pound inventory of equipment for sale and rent on short and long term contracts and currently services clients in the USA, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Paradigm has invested more than $2 million to develop and bring the new drilling technology to market and recently opened up a new base in Aberdeenshire with offices, research and test facilities and a large warehouse as it gears up for major growth this year.

Fraser Innes, CEO of the Paradigm Group said: "We have our sights set on significant international growth and believe the market is right for our groundbreaking drilling products. OTC is a fantastic platform to showcase our tools and we look forward to the opportunities it will bring."

For further information and to request interviews with the design engineering team at OTC contact: Gayle Nicol +44-(0)7702-737135, Jackie Robinson +44-(0)7711-281915

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