New Downtown Condos Will be Extra Quiet Thanks

January 2009

Imagine coming home to your new downtown luxury condominium, ready to unwind from a hectic day, only to hear and feel distant vibrations seemingly coming from the rooftop.

This was the recent scenario discovered by builders during construction and testing of the HVAC's heat pumps for a new multi-use condo and retail complex under construction in the Southeast. It's a big project involving approximately 38 heating systems for 22 condo units, so the issue had to be resolved before completion of the project. Naturally, the builders contacted the company who was installing the systems, General Heating & Air. In turn, they called on Kellett to help find a solution.

While the equipment from General Heating & Air was in perfect operating condition, the heat pump condenser units vibrated during start up. The units are located on top of a three-story complex that will be a mixture condominiums and retail shops. During construction, the builders noticed the vibration and noise coming from the rooftops down into the third floor and even second floor.

The Kellett team obtained the basic footprint and weight of the units and recommended four LP-13 Shake Absorber® Vibration Isolation Pads, measuring 4" x 4" x 3/4" 50 Shore A Durometer. The quote and requested technical information were presented and approved by the engineer, builder, architect, and most important, by General Heating & Air.

Problem solved!

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