New Dotpeen Marking Machine Uses Continuous Vibrating Technology

Press Release Summary:

  • Capable of marking up to 10 characters per second and compact to fit easily in a minimum of space
  • Optimise the mechanics and consequently to obtain significant gains in the size (218 x 107 x 62 mm) and weight (1.7 kg)
  • Features pneumatic stylus that eliminates problem of overheating and allows 1/2 machine to be used at very high speeds

Original Press Release:

SIC MARKING Once Again Proves its High Innovation Capability with the Launch of a New Products, the i-Speed Integrated Dotpeen Marking Machine

Historic technology from the world leader in industrial traceability, SIC MARKING is expanding its range of dotpeen marking machines with a new pneumatically integrable system, the i-speed.

Using continuous vibrating technology, which consists of marking the parts in a continuous line, this new machine meets an increasingly specific need of the companies in the industrial sector and is a further example of the attention SIC MARKING pays to its customers.

"Many of our customers have told us that they need a high-speed machine to mark a few characters on very high-speed production lines. We have therefore developed a suitable product capable of marking up to 10 characters per second and extremely compact to fit easily in a minimum of space".

The features highlighted by Eric B., Marketing and Sales Director at SIC MARKING GROUP, have been thoroughly studied by the technical department in order to make the i-speed one of the fastest and most compact machines on the market. 

"The design and use of a lightweight stylus makes it possible to optimise the mechanics and consequently to obtain significant gains in the size (218 x 107 x 62 mm) and weight (1.7 kg) of the i-speed. As for the very high marking speed, this was achieved thanks to the reduction in the mass of the moving parts. "Xavier D. Technical Director at SIC MARKING explains.

Last but not least, the use of a pneumatic stylus eliminates the problem of overheating and allows the machine to be used at very high speeds. 

All these features make the new i-speed particularly suitable for use in highly demanding environments. Constraints found in fully automated production lines, such as in automotive equipment applications or profile manufacturing.

The new i-speed from SIC MARKING, which has already been adopted by many of our customers, has proved its worth in the production lines of a major Italian automotive supplier specialising in headrests and armrests. Thomas Denis, Export Sales Engineer at SIC MARKING explains the project in detail: "We were contacted to mark a 15-digit identification number on headrests. The main constraints in using this machine were centred on the space available for the marking head, as our i53 machine, usually used for this type of application, was slightly too long. The marking tests carried out with the i-speed, after validation by the customer, made it possible to confirm the stylus assembly corresponding to the customer's requirements."

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