New Disinfecting-Fogger Features Ergonomic Atomizing Wand Design

Press Release Summary:

  • Germ-Fogger™ is designed to efficiently sanitize all types of surfaces
  • Ability to rapidly and efficiently disinfect a wide variety of buildings and outdoor venues
  • Ideal for precision bulk disinfection of all categories of commercial, industrial and government facilities including floor, walls, restrooms, bars and schools

Original Press Release:

Germ-Fogger™ High Efficiency Disinfecting System Launches

New Dual-Head System Rapidly Sanitizes Any and All Surfaces At Record Speeds.

Portland, Ore. (PRWeb) May 20, 2020 -- The Germ-Fogger™ is an American-made disinfecting-fogger with NEW vortecular™ technology designed to efficiently sanitize all types of surfaces. It’s unique dual-head design makes it the most productive disinfecting agent sprayer currently available.

The ability to rapidly and efficiently disinfect a wide variety of buildings and outdoor venues has become a critical part of maintaining work spaces that are safe and secure for employees and the public. The need for mass disinfection of large areas is large now and will expand further in the near future. The Germ-Fogger makes this disinfection process a lot easier and more cost effective.

Business Re-Invention Driven By Market Demand

“Germ-Fogger™ is not our first rodeo,” states Thad Fisco, President of Portland Kettle Works, a world leading manufacturer of high tech stainless steel craft brewing and beverage systems. “Since 2010 we’ve sold and installed 100’s of craft breweries all around the world. Experts in equipment manufacturing, we began looking at expanding into manufacturing equipment to efficiently and quickly decontaminate breweries, bars and tap rooms. We spoke with friends in disinfectant, facilities maintenance, and contract cleaning businesses. We studied concepts, and recommendations on proper disinfection techniques. We experimented with innovative design concepts and the Germ-Fogger was born!”

“Our initial plan is to just offer Germ-Fogger™ to support our existing craft brewery and beverage clients. From there we plan expand into more general market for disinfecting and decontamination equipment. The expanding need for decontamination, combined with the impressive performance of the Germ-Fogger make this a natural expansion product line for us.”

Designed To be Easy-to-Use, Strong and Durable

“One of our principal design goals for the Germ-Fogger™ was to make an easy to use industrial grade product designed for fast disinfecting agent delivery, easy maintenance and long use life,” continues Fisco. “We did this by using the same high strength aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and brass components we use in our brewery equipment. Mounted on a rolling cart, except for hoses the Germ-Fogger has no plastic parts yet it is compact, lightweight, easy to maneuver and strong enough to stand up to many years of heavy commercial use.”

Germ-Fogger™ is ideal for precision bulk disinfection of all categories of commercial, industrial and government facilities including:

  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Walls
  • Restrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Aircraft cabins
  • School buses
  • Train cars
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Daycare facilities
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • And all other high-touch areas…

Two Heads Are Better Than One

The Germ-Fogger's patent pending design incorporates a number of features to make it the best disinfecting agent delivery system available today. One of its most innovative features is its ability to supply one or two disinfecting wands off a single disinfecting agent tank. The Germ-Fogger comes standard with one disinfecting wand. Easily user installed, the second wand can be ordered at the same time or added later. With two wands the Germ-Fogger can disinfect over 52,000 sq. ft. per hour – that’s well over one acre (43,600 sq. ft.) and about 90% of a standard football field including the end zones (57,600 ft. sq.)!

Other Germ-Fogger™ Features

The Germ-Fogger's design also incorporates a number of additional features to make it the best disinfecting agent delivery system available today.

  • High Quality Construction – The Germ-Fogger is built from machined aluminum, stainless steel and brass parts, all easily serviceable. In normal use it will provide you with years of trouble free service.
  • Ergonomic Atomizing Wand Design – the palm fitting grips of the Germ-Fogger atomizing wands are comfortable to hold and a gentle squeeze on the trigger unleashes the fogging spray.
  • High Capacity – the Germ-Fogger’s disinfecting agent tank holds five full gallons (18.9L) of disinfecting agent allowing it to cover up to 52,000 sq. ft. on a single filling. And with dual head use this can bNew Disinfecting-fogger Features Ergonomic Atomizing Wand Designe covered in less than an hour!
  • Quick Change – the Germ-Fogger’s disinfecting agent tank uses stainless steel quick disconnecting fittings. This allows you to swap tanks in a matter of seconds and continue spraying with minimal down time. Extra tanks can be pre-filled and kept ready for rapid use.
  • Safely Extended Spray Tip – the Germ-Fogger’s precision brass spray tip is almost 10” from the operator’s hand to minimize operator exposure to disinfecting agents. And the spray tip is connected with a quick disconnect fitting for rapid exchange.
  • Easy to Use – once you've aimed the sprayer a gentle squeeze on the ergonomic pistol grip trigger is all it takes to start the spray.
  • Right- or Left-handed Operation – The Germ-Fogger™ spraying wand is completely ambidextrous.

Price and Availability

The Germ-Fogger™ has a suggested retail price of $5,850.00 and has a three-year limited warranty. More information is available at or email It is in pilot production now, scheduled to begin shipping June 1, 2020, and currently available for pre-ordering at the website.

Contact Information
Thad Fisco
Germ Fogger, LLC
+1 (503) 236-4500

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