New DCM20 Series DC Panel Meters Allow Selection of 16 Different Current Readings

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DCM20 Series DC Panel Meters are offered in 53.3 (h) x 36.3 (w) mm dimensional one-piece polycarbonate housing. Unit offers an input voltage ranging from 0.5 to 72 VDC with resolution of 10 mV and calculates power up to 96 kW. The meters come with 9.2 mm bright red display, front-panel capacitive touch sensor that helps user to configure unit to display voltage, current or power. Units are suitable for applications such as real-time monitoring and display of DC in telecom power distribution systems, battery management and laboratory instrumentation.

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New Multifunction DC Panel Meters from Murata Power Solutions Display Voltage, Current and Power up to 96 kW

Smyrna, GA – July 10, 2018– Murata introduces the new DCM20 series of multifunction panel meters from Murata Power Solutions. For DC systems, these meters measure DC voltage and current, calculate power up to 96 kW, and display values either manually selected or continuously cycling. The miniature panel-mount product provides an input voltage range of 0.5 to 72VDC, with 10mV of resolution. The meter also supports current measurement ranges from 5A to 1200A when used with an external user-supplied resistive shunt. Targeted for use in 12V, 24V or 48V systems, out-of-the-box accuracy of the product is +/-1 % for voltage and +/-2 % for current.

Packaged in a rugged, one-piece polycarbonate housing, with dimensions of 2.1”(h) x 1.43”(w) or 53.3 x 36.3 mm, the DCM20 fits in ‘0U’ and ‘1U’ racks making it perfect for laboratory instrumentation as well as industrial and telecom equipment. Threaded mounting studs and caged terminal blocks for application wiring ensure reliable operation in harsh environments.

Applications for the product include, but are not limited to, real-time monitoring and display of DC power in telecom power distribution systems, battery management/backup systems, laboratory instrumentation and alternative energy and marine installations.

The DCM20 features a large (0.36”/9.2 mm) bright red display easily readable at 15 feet (5 meters), with green or blue displays as an option. A front-panel capacitive touch sensor is incorporated for selection of operating mode, avoiding wear-out issues possible with the membrane of other mechanical switches. Using the touch sensor control, the user may configure the unit to display voltage, current or power, or set the unit to continually cycle between the three measurements. The unit can be self-powered from the measured voltage or powered separately from an external power supply, which can range from 9 to 72VDC. When self-powered, the input voltage range that can be measured is 9 to 72VDC and when externally powered the lowest measurable input voltage extends down to 0.5V. Current consumption of the DCM20 is generally negligible compared with measured current being typically 6 mA at 12V and only 2 mA at 72V input.

A DIP switch on the DPM20 allows selection of 16 different full scale current readings from 5A to 1200A providing compatibility with a wide range of external shunt resistors, available both from Murata and other manufacturers. A fine adjustment potentiometer is also provided to calibrate the unit to compensate for shunt resistor tolerance for improved system measurement accuracy. The external shunt resistor may be placed in either the ‘high’ or the ‘low’ side of the power system, as the DCM20 has a common-mode voltage range of 72V. A jumper is available to set where voltage is actually measured, either remotely or at the shunt resistor. In this way, high or low side current sensing is practical and power measurement can exclude losses in wiring and the shunt resistor itself.

“Our new DCM20 DC panel meter packs a mighty punch with its combination of high performance and economical cost in a miniature size with the benefits of Murata innovation and quality,” said Bill Smith, Director – Product Line Management, Murata Power Solutions.

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