New Dairy Case Palletizing System and Savanna.NET® WMS 2.2 Featured by Westfalia Tech. at Pack Expo Booth #N-4371

NEW Dairy Case Palletizing System Palletizes 108 Cases on 2 Pallets per Minute
NEW Savanna.NET WMS Version 2.2 Increasingly Efficient & User Friendly.

YORK, Pa.- Westfalia Technologies, Inc. ( is pleased to introduce its latest innovation in Dairy Case Palletizing at their 2010 Pack Expo booth # N-4371. The new palletizing system completes the product line of dairy case handling equipment Westfalia offers under its Deam Systems division. Capable of handling both plastic and wood pallets, the system palletizes two full pallets per minute. Each pallet holds 9 stacks of dairy cases, stacked 6 high, for a total of 54 cases on each pallet. Constructed of all stainless steel materials, it is ideally suited for the wash-down environments found in the dairy and beverage industries.

Located at McCormick Place in Chicago Oct. 31st through Nov.3rd, Westfalia's booth will highlight the recent technological innovations in their Casers, Stackers and Palletizers, which enable companies to meet or even exceed the speeds of their processing lines, while also providing fast and smooth product handling. With their casers, case stackers, case palletizers, pallet flow systems, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), and Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Software, Westfalia Technologies, Inc. provides a total logistics solution for handling products from production to storage to customer order selection and shipping.

Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Software integrates all these material handling systems to control, manage and provide real time data of all product flows throughout the supply chain. Its modular framework allows companies to expand into automation in steps, as they grow. Westfalia launched Version 2.2 in June 2010. This latest version of Savanna offers a standard interface allowing Westfalia's WMS to "talk" with any Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) system; a faster, more efficient storage locator algorithm; and visible changes to the client user screens to make the client interface more user-friendly.

The new and improved standard host interface of Savanna 2.2 controls the items, orders, customers and inventory segments of the WMS, and provides standard integration of these segments to any ERP system (SAP, Oracle, Navision, Ross, etc.) While this is a 'behind the scene' improvement not immediately visual to a user, the standardization of this interface provides for more rapid WMS installation, which is of vital importance to customers.

The refinement of the "find storage location" algorithm is another behind the scenes improvement of Savanna 2.2. While it too is not necessarily visible to a user, the increased speed and efficiency of storing and retrieving pallets/totes becomes apparent in the daily/monthly reports indicating faster order processing.

Lastly, there are significant improvements to the WMS user screens, which Westfalia calls the 'WMS Client.' Savanna 2.2 users are able to rename and reorganize columns thereby allowing them to sort the inventory movement information in whatever manner they prefer. Enhancements to the 'system status' window present more efficient screen usage while also processing the information more efficiently. In general, the refinements make the Savanna WMS Client more user-friendly.

The latest addition to Westfalia's caser line is the Quart Fractional Carton Caser which packs up to 240 units per minute of quart, pint or half pint cartons. The Half Gallon/2 Liter Carton Caser which loads up to 160 cartons per minute utilizing an air powered load head will also be featured, plus the new Hybrid Powered Case Stacker which operates with a hydraulic lift and compressed air that is capable of stacking 25 cases per minute.

To learn more, stop by Westfalia's Pack Expo Booth # N-4371. Alternatively, contact Westfalia today at 800-673-2522, or visit

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