New Components Protect Weather Instruments

Columbia Weather Systems has developed several new weather station components to protect sensitive weather instruments in installations subject to rough handling and extreme conditions.

The new Sensor Storage Case offers protection for sensors that are used in mobile applications. These cases are constructed of ultra-high-impact structural copolymer, making them extremely strong and durable. They are unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof, offering total protection for your sensitive weather-monitoring equipment.

Heaters protect sensors from locking up during ice events, as well as preventing disruption of weather data during an ice storm we offer a couple of options. For modular systems we offer a heated rain gauge and the heavy-duty EX wind sensor with the heated option. We also offer a heated all-in-one sensor head.

New Surge Suppression Devices protect your weather station from power surges such as those caused by nearby lightning strikes or electrical storms. We offer surge suppressors for Ethernet and Serial ports as well as for all-in-one weather sensor modules.

Columbia Weather Systems manufacturers professional weather monitoring equipment for industries and agencies where weather conditions affect safety and profit.

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