New Cancer Hotspot Panel Sequencing Covers 248 Genes

Press Release Summary:

  • Accelerate research on disease pathogenesis, disease identification, biomarker discovery and targeted drug development
  • Provides efficient method for discovering rare somatic mutations
  • Can detect SNVs, indels and structural rearrangement

Original Press Release:

CD Genomics Optimized Cancer Hotspot Panel Sequencing Service for Cancer-Related Research

Based on rich experience in genomic analysis, CD Genomics has developed a specialized platform for targeted sequencing of cancer-related genes to accelerate research on disease pathogenesis, disease identification, biomarker discovery, targeted drug development, etc. The company has optimized its Cancer Hotspot Panel Sequencing service to meet the most challenging research process.

Cancer is known to cause by the accumulation of harmful genetic mutations within cells. At present, the research on the mechanism of abnormal cell proliferation, differentiation, and carcinogenesis is mainly divided into three categories: activation of dominant transformation proto-oncogene through translocation and mutation, inactivation of tumor suppressor gene through mutation, and disorder of DNA repair gene.

CD Genomics’ cancer panels include predesigned panels for targeted gene sequencing and genetic mutations associated with cancer diseases. The panel covers a total of 248 genes associated with 13 common cancers. The company leverages the targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to efficiently and accurately target specific genes or mutations as well as detect low-frequency cancer-associated gene variants. As a result, this targeted NGS technique facilitates the sequencing of large numbers of genes and samples in a single, cost-effective assay.

Taking advantage of the amplicon sequencing technology of the Illumina system, CD Genomics provides a predesigned cancer hotspot panel sequencing, covering a total of 65 common proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Therefore, you can also select genes of interest from the list to customize your own sequencing and bioinformatics analysis research.

Hotspot cancer panels target regions of known cancer genes that have been well-characterized as mutational hotspots. The small target region size produces a high depth of sequencing coverage per run, even when multiplexing many samples together. As a result, hotspot cancer panels provide a cost-effective and efficient method for discovering rare somatic mutations, many of which have been identified as important cancer drivers.

Highlights of the Cancer Hotspot Panel Sequencing Service:

  • Target-enrichment sequencing by Illumina provides extremely high depth (average depth > 1000x) at low costs
  • High uniformity ensures sequencing data quality
  • SNVs, indels, and structural rearrangement can be detected
  • Strict quality control throughout the pipeline with ensured sequencing accuracy and repeatability
  • Fast turnaround time
  • A list of genes related to cancer hotspots is provided and other requirements are available upon request

“Based on rich experience in targeted sequencing, CD Genomics has developed a specialized targeted sequencing platform for disease-related genes to accelerate research on disease pathogenesis, disease identification, biomarker discovery, and targeted drug development. We provide accurate and cost-effective cancer hotspot panel sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Meanwhile, quality management is carried out by our dedicated expert team, following every required procedure to ensure unbiased results,” said the chief scientist of CD Genomics.

About CD Genomics

CD Genomics offers predesigned NGS panels, which include a designed library of targeted sequencings well as a custom panel that allows customers to select genes of interest and customize individual sequencing panels.

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