New Biological Stain Detects Structures Within Tissues

Press Release Summary:

  • Helps in novel ideas, pushing forward research breakthroughs in the medical, biological, chemical and related fields
  • Used in the identification and study of polymer structures
  • Ideal for medical and biological applications

Original Press Release:

Alfa Chemistry Newly Releases Biological Stains for Laboratory and Diagnostic Use

Known as a credible supplier of numerous reagents and standards, Alfa Chemistry recently announced its partnership establishment with BASO and released an array of biological stains for medical and biological applications to aid in detecting structures within tissues.

BASO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical devices, famed for R&D, as well as the production and distribution of IVD devices, instruments, and reagents.

"Simply put, biological stains are dyes frequently used in biological applications and medicines to highlight structural compositions of tissues. The emergence and wide application of such stains greatly contribute to the realization of novel ideas, pushing forward research breakthroughs in the medical, biological, chemical, and related fields,"one senior scientist from Alfa Chemistrysaid.

In addition to far-ranging use in the clinical diagnostic field, reproductive medicine, disease control and prevention, tuberculosis diagnosis, colorectal cancer screening, and trace blood detection, biological stains are also used in the identification and study of polymer structures.

Currently, Alfa Chemistry supplies a series of high quality biological stains of different specifications, including but not limited to: Hematoxylin Stain (Harris, Mayer and Gill), H-E Stain (H-E), H-E Consistently High Clarity Stain, Acid Fast Stain (Ziehl-Neelsen), Acid Fast Stain (Auramine O), Acid Fast Stain (Kinyoun), Weak Acid Fast Stain, Leprosy Bacillus Stain, Papanicolaou Stain, Rapid Gram Stain, Wright-Giemsa Stain, Giemsa Stain (Blood Cell/Plasmodium), Wright Stain, May-Grunwald's Stain, Polybrene Test Kit, Diff-Quik Stain, Reticulocyte Stain, Rapid Stain For Female Leukorrhea, Pathology Hepatin (PAS) Stain, Alcian Blue Stain (pH 2.5), Helicobacter Pylori Stain (Methylene Blue Method), Masson's Trichrome Stain, Oil Red O Stain, Congo Red Stain, Elastic Fiber Stain (Victoria Blue Method), Van Gieson Stain, Calcium Salt Stain (Silver Nitrate Method), Mucicarmine Stain, Alcian Blue Stain (pH 1.0), Mast Cell Stain (Aldehyde Fuchsin-Orange G Method), Melanin Stain (Ferrous Sulfate Method), Virus Stain (Orcein Method), Reticulum Stain, Nerve Myelin Stain (Luxol Fast Blue Method), Tissue Fixative Solution-Bouin's Solution, Amylase Solution, Copper Stain (Rhodanine Method), Leukocyte Peroxidase (POX) (Oxidation WG-KI) Stain, Naphthol AS-D Chloroacetate Esterase (AS–DCE) Stain, Acid Alpha-Naphthyl Acetate Esterase Stain (ANAE), Sudan Black B Stain (SBB), Flagella Stain, and Bacterial Capsule Stain.

For years, Alfa Chemistry has been at the forefront of technical innovation, strictly follows regulatory compliance, and strives to provide the best quality reagents, standards, and stains for customers worldwide. All reference standards are subjected to rigorous quality assurance checks prior to shipment.

"In the years to come, our management will continue to enrich our product lines as a strategy to ease clients' searching and purchase workload." The Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry added.

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