New Battery Terminal Features a Bolt and Wedge Design

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Yazaki recently developed a multi-directional battery terminal that features a bolt-and-wedge design to vertically fasten it to a battery. The design also converts vertical force into horizontal force enabling it to distribute clamping pressure between the terminal and battery post.  The battery terminal provides an estimated average 50 percent cost and 40 percent weight reduction compared to other available terminals with its design and reduction in the amount of components needed.

Original Press Release:

Yazaki Changes Direction on Battery Terminals

New multi-directional battery terminal makes connecting easier and promotes peak battery performance

CANTON, Mich., Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Yazaki has developed a new cable terminal that makes it easier to connect a vehicle battery, while ensuring a robust electrical connection. Inspired by ancient Japanese building architecture and construction techniques, the Yazaki multi-directional battery terminal uses an innovative bolt-and-wedge design to vertically fasten it to the battery. The patented design efficiently converts vertical force into horizontal force, evenly distributing clamping pressure between the terminal and battery post.

The new cable terminal offers:

  • A significant cost and an average 40 percent weight reduction compared to current market options.
  • The most efficient connection for energy conduction, promoting peak battery performance.
  • A standardized fastening process enabling battery design and layout freedom to accommodate global battery standards and pedestrian protection optimization.
  • Easier, safer, more efficient original equipment manufacturer (OEM) battery installation and consumer service and replacement.

"Our top-down approach to terminal fastening has the potential to standardize battery terminals," said David Scheffler, Yazaki North America's head of engineering. "Whether it is a EN (European Normal), BCI (Battery Council International) Group, or JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) battery standard, our multi-directional terminal doesn't need to change to accommodate battery layout and design. In addition, it simply makes installing batteries safer and easier."

Traditional terminals fasten to the post using a horizontal bolt requiring tool access to the side of the battery terminal, making installation cumbersome and inefficient. Other vertical fastening battery terminals concentrate force on the clamp area, rather than evenly distributing pressure between terminal and battery post. This results in the potential for corrosion and increased electrical resistance reducing battery performance over time.

"Yazaki tackled the challenge of developing a battery terminal that would convert a downward force into a horizontal force, evenly distributing clamping pressure around a cylindrical battery post to establish a stable, reliable electrical connection," said Scheffler. "The result is an innovative design that actually maximizes electrical clamping force, eliminates wire routing issues caused by in-vehicle battery layout, and improves assembly efficiency and ergonomics."

The design uses a bolt, bracket, and plate nut combination to transfer force to the terminal body. The reduction in components and the ability to press mold the terminal provides an estimated average 50 percent cost and 40 percent weight reduction compared to other available terminals.

"The Yazaki solution provides a stable, reliable, high performance electrical connection," said Scheffler. "All while reducing cost and weight, and increasing battery performance, and design and layout flexibility."

The Yazaki multi-directional battery terminal is a finalist in the 2019 Automotive News PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence) Awards. Winners will be announced on April 8, 2019, at the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center in Detroit.

Yazaki multi-directional battery terminal multimedia assets can be downloaded here:


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