New Automation Speeds CNC Tool and Cutter Grinding Cycles

10 January 2008

ANCA has developed two new automation enhancements for its GX7 resharpening machine for new levels of flexibility and productivity: a 7-station automatic wheel changer and the 85-pocket GLX automatic tool loader.

With seven wheel packs, the new GX7+ tool and cutter grinder delivers new levels of flexibility for regrind shops because it can grind a wider variety of tools in a single setup. Additionally, the time saved by not having to manually change wheel packs for different tool types significantly increases productivity. The automatic wheel changer is completely contained within the standard machine canopy.

During loading, tools are transferred to a work holding collet via a CNC transfer arm. Collets and tools with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 20 mm and up to 200 mm long can be loaded using a single set of grippers. The vertical design of the GLX loader minimizes the machine's total footprint. The GLX can be installed on both the GX7 and the GX7+ and improves productivity for small or large batch runs.

When coupled with the GX7+, the system becomes a highly-efficient, automated solution for regrinding. With seven wheel packs available on the changer, the new level of flexibility means the loader can be filled to capacity with different tool types and diameters that can be automatically ground without interruption or supervision.

The GLX auto loader was designed especially for regrinding applications. The GLX is a sequential loader that uses a vertical belt to house up to 84 tools of varying diameter and geometry in a series of pockets, so the regrind shop can effectively handle tool regrinding tasks in any order and lot sizes down to one. Only one collet is needed for each tool diameter, minimizing the cost of accessory tooling for the GX7.

Innovative workholding system minimizes run-out

Together with Nikken, ANCA developed a unique system for changing their AMK type collets. Using the hydraulically-actuated AMK collets delivers outstanding run-out results. The first tool in the diameter run is transferred with the collet, then all transfers of the same diameter after that are the tool only. Once the run is complete, the collet is transferred back into the loader and a new diameter collet loaded.

With seven wheel packs available on the changer, the GX7's standard double-ended spindle has been upgraded to a single-ended 9.7 kW (13 HP) spindle with automatic HSK32E clamping. HSK arbors, provide both face and taper contact when located in the wheel spindle, providing very accurate and repeatable location of wheel packs - essential for regrinding applications.

"Looking at the needs of today's tool regrind shops, we could see that improved flexibility and automation was a key to remaining competitive," said an ANCA spokesman. "Even with the enhancements, the GX7+ remains price competitive."

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