New 780W Laptop AC Adapter Comes with LED Panel

Press Release Summary:

  • Includes detachable DC cable with screw-locking mechanism, detachable AC cable, power switch, auto-switching capability and industrial-grade chassis with dual high-speed fans
  • ideal for small form factor PCs, industrial PCs and servers, rugged external power supply with detachable AC and DC cables, and LED power-draw read out
  • Improves high performance laptop’s power efficiency and eliminating the need to add second power supply in the future

Original Press Release:

Eurocom Aims to Eliminate Energy Bottlenecks in High Performance Laptops with a Single AC Adapter, Offers 780-Watt Power Supply for the Laptop Industry

Challenges facing high-performance laptops today
- High-end laptop users require more power and higher performance in their computers as technology advances.
- Many high-end users prefer portable systems such as laptops with “power on-the-go.”
- Most high performance laptops are limited to maximum 330W of power. Energy is one of the major bottlenecks of high performance laptops capable to perform at par with desktop-based workstations.
- The COVID-19 pandemic is driving up demand and requirements for more powerful laptops for “on-the-go” use.

Solution: EUROCOM 780-watt AC Adapter/Power Supply
- Eurocom is the only laptop provider offering a single 780W laptop AC Adapter for powering high performance Mobile Supercomputers.
- Eurocom’s 780W AC Adapter solution is available for other laptops models, such as Alienware Area 51M, MSI GT76, and more.

In the not-so-distant past, laptops and small form factor pc’s were stuck in the middle ground of technology between smart phones and desktops when it came to portability, power and performance. Laptops were not as portable as smart phones and were heavily under-powered compared to common desktop PC’s. As a result, laptops were not considered powerful enough to take on more intensive tasks and processes.

However, over the last half decade, laptops and small form factor PCs have closed the gap between desktop PCs in terms of power and performance. Due to many technological leaps and innovations over the years, laptops across different price points are able to come very close to matching the compute power of modern day desktop PCs. Laptops are now trusted with handling highly intensive tasks and are relied upon by users who benefit from having a less bulky and more portable computer that provides incredible performance on the go.

The advancements in laptop technology can be seen in its ability to play the most demanding video game titles of today. When it comes to the performance of a gaming desktop computer and high-performance laptops today, little-to-no difference can be seen. This is mainly due to advancements in transistor technology where GPU manufacturers are able to create much smaller GPUs for laptops that very closely match the throughput and power of desktop GPUs, despite laptop or mobile GPUs being smaller and more compact in size.

However, as laptop manufacturers are able to equip and load more power into laptops, new challenges and bottlenecks also arise. One big challenge modern day high-performance laptops face is supplying the necessary electric energy needed to run these technologically beefy, power-hungry systems. Another big challenge is keeping high-performance laptops running cool. As laptops become crammed with more powerful hardware over time, they also generate much more heat.

The need to keep high-performance laptops cool and calm
Similar to sports cars that have a higher fuel consumptions because of the higher amount of horsepower and bigger gas tanks compared to regular cars, high performance laptops also require more much more energy and a higher wattage power source than regular laptops in order to fuel the immensely powerful hardware inside. In particular, most high performance laptops are limited to maximum 330W of power. Energy is one of the major bottlenecks of high performance laptops capable to perform at par with desktop-based workstations.

To try and tackle this issue, laptop manufacturers have deferred to using two 330-watt AC adapter, joining them together through a dual AC Adapter converter box. As time passed, this became the only option for users needing to power their extremely power-hungry laptops (often times with dual-GPU systems). However, carrying around two multi-kilo power supplies is extremely impractical and inefficient, resulting in many power users looking for a better way to provide sufficient energy to their high performance laptops and/or small form factor PC’s.

Enter the EUROCOM 780-watt AC Adapter/Power Supply
As an innovator in high performance laptops and small form factor systems, Eurocom Corporation has developed an extremely efficient solution to provide the power draw and energy that modern day high performance laptops require through its 780-watt power supply. The single 780-watt AC adapter provides a solution for this bottleneck in laptops by having an external PSU and does not generate heat within the system, which results in much better cooling compared to desktops and workstations.

With the innovation of the 780W AC/DC adapter or power supply, Eurocom brings a new level of mobile power and convenience to owners of high-performance gaming laptops such as: Alienware 51m, MSI GT76 Titan, ASUS ROG GZ700GX, to name a few. This formidable power supply was designed for users needing more power in their AC adapters but want to do away with the added clutter and difficulty of carrying two 330-watt AC adapters when travelling with or transporting their high-end laptops.

The EUROCOM 780 Watt AC adapter also provides a level of future-proofing by improving a high performance laptop’s power efficiency and eliminating the need to add a second power supply in the future.

The EUROCOM 780 Watt AC adapter is available for other high performance laptop models besides Eurocom systems (including Alienware, MSI, ASUS and more) to improve these high performance laptop’s performance & is efficient in doing this using a single power adapter. Eurocom offers power cables compatible with various regions including: USA/Canada, Australia, Europe, UK and South Africa.

Compatible Connectors and Laptop-types: 

  • Standard DC connector for Eurocom, Clevo, OriginPC, MSI and Sager laptops
  • Round AW connector for Alienware laptops (except Area 51m)
  • Round DC connector for ASUS ROG: GX501V GM501, GM501GM, GX531GM
  • Square Connector for MSI GT76 (square GT76 connector)
  • Splitter Box with 2x ROG Round power connectors for ASUS: G703GX-XB96K, GZ700GX
  • Splitter Box with 2x AW power connectors for Alienware Area 51M

This auto-switching Eurocom 780W AC adapter weighs 3lbs, half-a-pound heavier than one 330W adapter (2.5 lbs). This makes the Eurocom 780W AC adapter much easier to transport and carry around rather than carrying around two 330W adapters with a combined weight of 5 lbs. This power adapter is ideal for small form factor PCs, industrial PCs and servers that require a high-efficiency, rugged external power supply with detachable AC and DC cables as well as an LED power-draw read out.

Eurocom’s 780-watt power brick has unique bells and whistles, including: an LED panel, a detachable DC cable with a screw-locking mechanism, a detachable AC cable, power switch, auto-switching capability and an industrial-grade chassis with dual high-speed fans.

EUROCOM 780W AC Adapter Specs: 

Physical Characteristics:                                                  AC Adapter:                              DC Cable:
                                                                                     Length: 12.8”/328mm               Length: 72.9”/ 1854mm                                                                                                                                                         Width: 4.3”/ 110mm
                                                                                     Height: 1.5”/ 40mm
Weight                                                                  AC Adapter: 3.05 lbs/ 1.38 kg         DC Cable: 0.85 lbs/ 0.38 kg
Voltage                                                                                               90Vac to 264Vac
Frequency                                                                                                50-60 Hz
Input Current                                                                                 10A at AC Input 100Vac/60Hz
Inrush Current                               The inrush current will not exceed 100A at 230Vac/63Hz AC input for a cold start at 25C
Power Factor                                 The power supply power factor at full load operation shall be more than 0.9 at 230Vac input.
Efficiency                                 The efficiency (watts out / watts in) is higher than 90% typically while measuring at nominal line and maximum load.
Output Requirements                                                                  Output voltage: 20Vdc
                                                                                                       Minimum Load: 0A
                                                                                                       Minimum Load: 39A
                                                                                                       Peak Load: 45A (duration Time 25ms)
                                                                                                       Line Regulation: 2%
                                                                                                       Load Regulation: +- 5%
                                                                                                       Voltage Accuracy: Min 19V Max 21V
                                                                                                       Ripple & Noise(*) 200mVp-p

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