New 780W AC/DC Adapter with Voltage of 90Vac to 264Vac

Press Release Summary:

  • Weighs only 3lbs which makes convenient to carry and transport
  • Features LED panel, detachable DC cable, detachable AC cable, power switch, auto-switching capability and an industrial-grade chassis
  • Ideal for small form factor PCs, industrial PCs and servers

Original Press Release:

Need More Power? Get the World's Most Powerful 780W External AC/DC Adapter

Ideal for High End Laptops, Industrial PCs, Servers and small form factor PCs!

Over the years, the 330-watt AC adapter has been the classic companion of most high-end laptops made by Clevo and MSI, to name a few. However, as laptops continued to advance in terms of power and performance, a higher-wattage power source also became necessary. To address this issue, the simplest solution for most manufacturers was to use two 330-watt AC adapter, joining them together through a converter box. As time passed, this became the only option for users needing to power their extremely power-hungry laptops (often times with dual-GPU’s systems).

Eurocom 780W AC Adapter/Power Supply:,404,0)ec

Enter the Eurocom 780W AC/DC adapter or power supply. This innovation- exclusive to Eurocom- brings an unprecedented level of mobile power and convenience to owners of high-performance laptops and overclockers alike. This beast of a power supply was designed for those who desire more power in their AC adapters but want to do away with the added clutter and difficulty of carrying two 330-watt AC adapters when travelling or transporting their high-end laptops.

This auto-switching AC adapter weighs only 3lbs (compared to 2.5lbs weight of one 330W adapter) despite having more than double the amount of power it produces. This makes the 780W AC adapter much easier to transport and carry around compared to having two 2.5lbs 330W adapters. It is ideal for small form factor PCs, industrial PCs and servers that require a high-efficiency, rugged external power supply with detachable AC and DC cables as well as an LED power-draw read out.

Eurocom’s 780-watt power brick has a few features not found on most AC/DC adapters, including an LED panel, detachable DC cable with a screw-locking mechanism, detachable AC cable, power switch, auto-switching capability and an industrial-grade chassis with dual high-speed fans.


Order Page (Configurator):,404,0)780W





About Eurocom:

Eurocom is the leading developer of long-lifespan, fully-upgradable laptops, as well as, high-performance mobile workstations and mobile servers since 1989. Eurocom prides itself as an Industry leader in providing ground-breaking technology and continues to engineer innovative solutions that inspire individuals and companies to new growth and development. Eurocom offers up to Intel i9 9900K 8Cores/16Threads processors, up to NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU’s, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory and up to 22TB of internal storage space. For more information on Eurocom please visit us at

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