New 5-Axis Machining Centres Launched at AMB 2012

At the AMB 2012 machine tool exhibition in Stuttgart, held during September, DMG / MORI SEIKI introduced three new vertical machining centres in its monoBLOCK series. Described as next-generation machines, they are characterised by simultaneous machining in up to five CNC axes, dynamic high-speed milling, integrated turning capability and high-torque, high-performance machining.

The DMU 125 monoBLOCK is the largest of the new additions, the DMU 105 monoBLOCK FD is a new milling-turning centre, and the DMC 85 monoBLOCK is equipped with an integrated pallet changer.

All occupy a compact footprint on the shop floor relative to the size of component that they can machine. Heavy construction and large roller guideways ensure a high level of stability and rigidity. Access to the working areas is said to be particularly good and fresh tools can be loaded into the magazines while production is in progress.

DMU 125 monoBLOCK for 3-axis or 5-axis machining

The fixed table of the 3-axis DMU 125 monoBLOCK is designed to hold workpieces up to 1,600 x 1,440 x 790 mm and three tonnes in weight, while the 5-axis model with swivelling rotary table is designed for holding parts up to 1,440 mm diameter by 790 mm high.

A 5-axis machine version with tandem drive from both sides of the trunnion is designed for workpieces weighing up to 2,600 kg, which is high for a 5-axis vertical machining centre of this configuration. A 2,100 mm wide door opening allows good access for loading heavy workpieces.

The standard spindle is rated at 14,000 rpm with either an SK 50 or HSK-A100 tool interface, although other spindles for high-speed or heavy duty (430 Nm) machining may be specified. Various tool magazines are available with up to 180 cutter positions.

DMU 105 monoBLOCK for milling and turning

Following the success of the DMU 85 monoBLOCK FD mill-turning centre, a larger DMU 105 monoBLOCK FD has been introduced. Standard equipment includes a 12,000 rpm / 288 Nm spindle which accepts HSK-A 100 toolholders and a rotary table with 4,000 Nm DirectDrive for turning at up to 500 rpm.

Maximum workpiece size is 1,050 mm diameter by 690 mm high, while table load capacity is 2,000 kg. The milling-turning package also features exclusive cycles for highly productive machining, an integrated balance sensor and a reinforced enclosure with a shatter-proof glass safety panel to protect the operator.

DMC 85 monoBLOCK with automatic pallet changer

Larger in size than the DMC 65 monoBLOCK, the new DMC 85 is further version with an RS3 automatic pallet changer for greater productivity and flexibility in production. The machine is designed for use with three 630 x 630 mm pallets capable of carrying loads of 800 kg each.

Maximum workpiece size for this model is 800 mm diameter by 600 mm high. DMG MORI SEIKI has made optimum use of the machine's open work space to house the pallet changer, which ensures that both the machining area and set-up station can be easily accessed, including from overhead. Again, a swivelling rotary table provides the extra two axes for 5-axis operation.

The DMG MORI SEIKI monoBLOCK series of machines is designed for integration of additional technology, which makes them particularly flexible to use. These technologies include ULTRASONIC ultrasound-assisted machining for hard and brittle materials; and LASERTEC Shape machining for producing patterned surfaces.

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