NeverFade Exterior Paint Goes to School

AKRON, OHIO - The 18-person professional paint team for Marion County Schools in Ocala, Florida has seen it all. Harsh Florida sun fading away recently painted projects. Graffiti on school property. Scuff marks on doors from thousands of feet.

To make a long-term "dent" in their ongoing painting challenges, the technical services people have turned to NeverFade(TM) exterior paint. Warranted to last 15 years against fading, the paint (in Leap Frog Green) is being used to repaint eight high school football field goal posts along with several practice field posts. Since the existing acrylic semi-gloss paint on the field posts chalked out after just three years, the professional painters are eager to use the NeverFade paint.

"NeverFade has great potential for us," says Louis E. Hickman, Jr., paint department foreman for Marion County Schools/Technical Services. "From the success we're already having with this paint, I'd recommend any school system that has high ultraviolet ray exposure areas try NeverFade."

NeverFade professional exterior paint is formulated with Kynar Aquatec® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), a tough, engineered thermoplastic that offers a unique balance of properties. As a result, NeverFade paint withstands harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environmental conditions. In essence, it resists abrasions, restricts the growth of mold and mildew, and will not pick up dirt. Ultraviolet blockers and high quality pigments are mixed with the fluoropolymer resin to further prevent against fading and chalking.

Painting the School Red

In addition to the field posts, Hickman and his team are repainting the campus at Fort King Middle School in Ocala. Exterior entry doors, metal rails and ornamental steel are all being painted with NeverFade's Primary Red exterior paint. Seven buildings are included in the project, some of which were painted recently but need repainting again because of chalking problems.

"Graffiti and vandalism are our primary challenges in school settings," says Hickman. "After that, it's the damaging sun's rays that can fade paint quickly. We see the NeverFade paint as an investment. The ease of application and drying times are great, and the 15-year warranty is impressive as it demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in the product's performance.

"I've been in the trade since 1971. As soon as I saw the information on NeverFade I did some research and we started using the paint. The fact that this is the first fluoropolymer paint in one component means it has great potential. We've used a log of competitor's paints in the past, but they've always had a two-component material. NeverFade is a great maintenance product that should have strong life cycle returns for the cost."

Available nationwide for use on both residential and commercial projects, NeverFade may be applied to vinyl siding, PVC, wood, aluminum siding, stucco, masonry, and fiber cement surfaces. Since each paint order is custom made, NeverFade is available in an unlimited number of colors.

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NeverFade paint is sold under a trademark license from ARKEMA INC. which is the owner of the KYNAR and KYNAR AQUATEC Trademarks.

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