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InfraStruXure(TM) Systems provide turnkey solution for IT managers addressing disaster recovery and converged voice and data applications. Single-rack configurations for wiring closets and computer rooms feature base unit with UPS, PDU, network management card, blanking panels, cable management, data partitions, and expansion racks. Multi-rack configurations for data centers include N+1 power and cooling, peak capacity of 20 kW per rack, and integrated management software.

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American Power Conversion's Pre-Packaged InfraStruXure(TM) Solutions for Wiring Closets, Computer Rooms and Data Centers Help IT Project Managers Respond Quickly to Market Trends

WEST KINGSTON, R.I., Feb. 10 -- American Power Conversion (NASDAQ:APCC) (APC) today announced the availability of its InfraStruXure(TM) solutions in pre-packaged, in-stock SKUs for wiring closets, computer rooms and data centers. These complete, pre-configured systems enable IT and facility managers to quickly deploy data center equipment avoiding the time needed for a custom configuration.

APC's pre-packaged SKUs provide a turnkey solution for IT project managers who need to respond rapidly to market trends such as disaster recovery and converged voice and data applications. The flexible, pre-packaged solutions also give IT project managers the ability to scale for future demand. The pre-packaged SKUs are the next step in the evolution of the InfraStruXure system, which is helping IT professionals meet the challenge of network availability more efficiently and cost effectively than ever.

APC's InfraStruXure on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) integrates power, cooling, rack, management and services using standardized components. InfraStruXure is available in modular and mobile configurations.

Solutions are available for any IT environment and in multiple power options depending on particular needs. The single-rack configurations for wiring closets and computer rooms feature:
o A base unit with uninterruptible power supply (UPS);
o A rack and power distribution unit, network management card with environmental management;
o Blanking panels, cable management and data partitions; and
o Expansion racks include racks and power distribution unit, blanking panels, cable management and data partitions.

The multi-rack configurations for data centers feature:
o N+1 power and cooling;
o Secure, self-contained environment;
o Peak capacity of 20kW per rack;
o Enhanced service package; and
o Integrated management software

The pre-packaged solutions for wiring closets and computer rooms are available as single-rack InfraStruXure systems that can grow as needed with the addition of expansion rack systems. The pre-packaged solutions for data centers are available as multi-rack InfraStruXure systems that include all the necessary power, rack, cooling, management and services for today's challenging IT environment. All of the solutions utilize APC's award-winning UPS technology including the innovative, modular Power Array(R) design of the Symmetra(R) PX line and the efficient, high-capacity design of the Symmetra MegaWatt line. Some of APC's smaller configurations utilize the company's award-winning Smart-UPS(R) technology for backup power protection. All data center configurations have the ability to upgrade to a high-density solution and can support a peak capacity of 20kW per rack. Power generation options are available as well.

"Our InfraStruXure pre-packaged, integrated rack systems offer a simple, turnkey alternative to the labor-intensive, error-prone and inflexible network-critical physical infrastructure most businesses have been struggling with for decades," said Dwight Sperry, APC's group general manager of Enterprise Systems and Business Networks. "Market trends such as server consolidation, disaster recovery and voice over IP have driven facility and IT managers to embrace APC's modular architecture that is deployable in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Moving forward with the next step in the InfraStruXure evolution, we are pleased to offer pre-packaged, turnkey solutions to help IT project managers increase the speed deployment of communication and IT hardware."

Customers can access the pre-packaged SKUs on APC's Web site by simply choosing the appropriate size system based on their power requirements. If modifications or additions to the solutions are required, customers can then add expansion rack systems or customize rack-based components that integrate seamlessly with the base system and their IT environment.

The pre-packaged SKUs for wiring closets and computer rooms are available worldwide and start at an estimated resale price of $2,599.99 USD. Pre- packaged SKUs for data centers are available in North America and will be available in Europe during the second quarter of 2005. For more information about InfraStruXure and APC's other products, please visit or call 800-877-4080.

About APC's InfraStruXure
APC's InfraStruXure is on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI). The InfraStruXure design, which integrates power, cooling, rack, management and services, allows the selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular and mobile configurations. This standardization enables an easily scalable architecture designed to meet changing needs and future expansion. This award-winning, patent-pending approach provides increased availability, improved adaptability and speed of deployment as well as lower total cost of ownership for IT environments -- from wiring closets to computer rooms to data centers.

With integrated management becoming a critical component in the NCPI, APC offers comprehensive management solutions including InfraStruXure Manager. A browser accessible, user-friendly tool, InfraStruXure Manager provides monitoring of power, cooling, and environmental management at the rack or room level. APC also provides professional services that optimize the NCPI over the complete data center life cycle, including planning, installation, operation and end-of-life services.

About American Power Conversion
Founded in 1981, American Power Conversion is a leading provider of global, end-to-end solutions for real-time infrastructure. APC's comprehensive products and services offering, designed for both home and corporate environments, improves the availability, manageability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication and industrial equipment of all sizes. Headquartered in West Kingston, Rhode Island, APC reported sales of $1.7 billion for the year ended December 31, 2004, and is a Fortune 1000, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 Company. All trademarks are the property of their owners.

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