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Symphony Opti permits engineers to locate, diagnose, and resolve wireless network performance issues. It supports automated voice, data, and video testing for service deployment testing, and integrated, high-speed scanning receiver enables simultaneous scanning of multiple channels and bands with automated programmable baseband decoding capability. System features interactive visual display system with GPS and user-definable, programmable interface.

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Comarco Announces Symphony Opti Next-Generation Optimization Solution

ORLANDO, Fla. and LAKE FOREST, Calif., March 27 // -- Comarco, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMRO), an industry-leading supplier of wireless test systems for field applications and network performance optimization, today announced the availability of its Symphony Opti Network Performance Optimization product family. Targeted at engineering optimization of complex network problems, the Symphony Opti is based on a flexible and modular platform and supports a feature rich set of functions, automated tests and displays. This is the first product offering in an expanding line of high-capability, low-cost solutions for network optimization from Comarco Wireless Test Solutions. The product is being demonstrated this week at CTIA Wireless 2007 in Orlando, Booth 3663.

"Comarco has long been a leader in providing solutions to complex network optimization problems," said Mark Chapman, senior vice president and general manager for Comarco Wireless Test Solutions. "The Symphony Opti represents the latest in our expanding Symphony product portfolio, incorporating a feature-rich set of test functionality designed to simplify network optimization and performance improvement for the advanced data and video services being deployed today. We believe this product greatly complements and strengthens our leading position in Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarking. We are pleased to offer the Symphony Opti to our customers, and through our ongoing partnership with Ascom, to every leading operator worldwide, providing carriers with broad and integrated worldwide source for all their QoS measurement, optimization and benchmarking needs."

More and more network operators worldwide are deploying HSDPA/EDGE networks in order to provide advanced value-added data services such as video streaming, Internet browsing and music/video downloads. Symphony Opti makes full use of Comarco's extensive experience in data network optimization based on its proven systems technology. HSDPA/EDGE is essential for operators to provide high speed data services and capacity throughout their entire 3G networks. The modular and scaleable architecture enables Comarco to offer its customers a smooth and reliable evolution path from existing data and voice services to EDGE through HSDPA and beyond.

About Symphony Opti

Designed to test wireless networks by simulating real subscriber operation, the Opti system permits engineers to locate, diagnose and resolve even the most complex network performance issues. The Opti supports automated voice, data and video testing for advanced service deployment testing, is built on an expandable and scaleable low-cost modular architecture, and is a flexible, precise and powerful resource for advanced network problem diagnosis.

Anticipating the deployment of advanced, next generation networks, the Symphony Opti employs the latest generation of Comarco's baseband decoding scanning receiver. Advanced integration of RF scanner and baseband data with phone data is performed automatically to deliver the ultimate in interference analysis and problem isolation. The integrated, high-speed precision scanning receiver supports simultaneous scanning of multiple channels and bands with automated programmable baseband decoding capability, providing essential information on system network performance. In addition, the scanner provides independent, accurate signal measurements even in the presence of strong signals and allows the identification of interfering signals, jammers and areas with pilot pollution which can severely affect performance, but which cannot be seen with phone-based data collection.

Using an advanced, intuitive and interactive visual display system, including an integrated GPS system for precision mapping and interactive cellular site database display, the evaluation of network performance has never been easier. Engineers can see data represented in real time allowing them to identify high level problems, yet drill down to the root cause.

The data gathered from phones and AirCards® is organized in simple, easy-to-read formats simplifying the diagnosis of the most complex problems. The interface is user-definable and programmable, making it easy for engineers to configure it to their needs and individual preferences for different test scenarios and applications.

Available in two- and four-calling module versions, the Symphony Opti is a highly flexible and expandable solution which will provide lasting value now and into the future. With its full range of detailed real-time displays and information collection capabilities, backed up with a powerful replay capability and a range of post processing options, the Symphony Opti is a full featured solution for all network performance analysis and optimization needs from deployment to network maturity.

Built to exacting standards, the Symphony Opti is designed to operate reliably in real world field conditions and under harsh operating environments, ensuring integrity of data collection and maximizing engineering productivity.

About Comarco

Based in Lake Forest, Calif., Comarco is a leading provider of wireless test solutions for field test applications, ChargeSource(R) universal mobile power products and wireless emergency call box systems. Comarco's Wireless Test Solutions (WTS) division is an industry-leading supplier of wireless test systems for field test applications. Comarco systems allow cellular network operators to improve the quality of their service through voice, video and data benchmarking and system optimization using integrated Quality of Service algorithms and unique multi-technology interfaces and RF scanners. Comarco's open architecture supports both current cellular operating system technologies, new 3G systems being implemented worldwide and is extensible to 4G technologies as they become available. More information about Comarco's product lines can be found at

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