Network Recorders support 10, 40, and 100 GbE networks.

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Designed to manage and make sense of massive traffic volumes created by continual business demands, EndaceProbe™ Intelligent Network Recorders and EndaceVision™ 6.0 Network Visibility Software enable application acceleration and maximize network availability. Products help manage physical, virtual, and software-defined networks by enabling network and security professionals to rapidly capture, analyze, and diagnose potential and actual network and security issues in real-time.

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Emulex Unveils Next Generation Network Performance Management Platform with Unprecedented Levels of Network Visibility

New EndaceProbe INRs and EndaceVision Software Enable Application Acceleration and Maximize Network Availability

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Emulex Corporation (NYSE: ELX), a leader in network connectivity, monitoring and management, today announced the next generation of its network monitoring and visibility portfolio, architected to support the demands and complexity of today's 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet (100GbE)-based networks. The latest EndaceProbe(TM) Intelligent Network Recorders (INRs) and EndaceVision(TM) 6.0 Network Visibility Software introduces new capabilities to manage and make sense of the massive network traffic volumes created by continual business demands. The new EndaceProbe INR and EndaceVision reduce the costs and effort associated with managing physical, virtual and software-defined networks by enabling network and security professionals to rapidly capture, analyze and diagnose potential and actual network and security issues in real-time. The ability to view network incidents with microsecond-level accuracy is unprecedented in the Application Aware-Network Performance Management (AA-NPM) and security space.

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"As 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE networks become more prevalent and complex with hybrid cloud deployments, software-defined networking and multiple layers of virtualization, our customers trust EndaceProbe INRs to provide a deep and consumable understanding of how each layer interacts and affects their network performance and availability, as well as enabling the enterprise to track and manage security incidents and issues by having real-time packet level visibility into all incidents and activities," said Ali Hedayati, senior vice president and general manager, Network Visibility Products, Emulex. "Our next generation network visibility platforms provide a dramatic step forward in network visibility and monitoring and our industry-leading ability to visualize the network and security events which enable predictable application service level agreements and security management."

Next Generation EndaceProbe INRs

Next generation EndaceProbe INRs have been re-architected to meet the performance, reliability, processing power, and open architecture needed to integrate with today's network and application management solutions. When combined with EndaceVision 6.0, EndaceProbe INR network visibility appliances allow network operations teams to quickly and easily identify issues, and optionally pass the relevant data to third party tools. This dramatically improves root cause isolation and mean time-to-resolution (MTTR).

New EndaceProbe INRs include the following new or enhanced features and capabilities:

--  Integrated Virtual Machines (VMs): EndaceProbe INRs include a hypervisor, which allows analysis management, and security applications to be hosted in a VM and have direct access to packet data at the point of capture. Since multi-gigabit capture files can be large and cumbersome to send to analysis applications, the ability to load third party software directly onto the EndaceProbe INRs enables analysis software to be quickly and easily added or moved to the data instead of moving the data to the software.

 --  10GbE Write To Disk Performance and Increased Compute Power: EndaceProbe 4104 and 8004 INRs provide 10GbE write to disk rates, minimizing total cost of ownership while providing the industry's only 100 percent accurate packet capture on today's multi-10GbE networks. EndaceProbe INRs also include increased compute power and memory that reduces the hardware footprint needed to support the analysis of multi-10GbE networks.

--  Flexible Deployment Options: The EndaceProbe INRs include three new options; the 4104, 4004, and 8004. The EndaceProbe 4104 INR - with highly reliable solid state disk (SSD) primary storage - is ideal for on-demand recording across multiple 10GbE networks or wherever physical access is a challenge. The EndaceProbe 4004 INR is a cost effective 1RU appliance for lower packet rate multi-1GbE or 10GbE network links, ideal for remote locations. The EndaceProbe 8004 INR is a 2RU appliance providing ultra-fast, highly reliable disk storage for packet capture on 10GbE or higher networks.  It is ideally suited for the core, distribution, and access layers within data centers and large campus environments for continuous high-speed recording and fast retrieval during traffic analysis.

Next Generation EndaceVision

EndaceVision 6.0 is a powerful, purpose-built, web-based network history visualization application for high-speed networks that comes bundled with all EndaceProbe INRs. Using EndaceVision, network operations, security, or incident response professionals can navigate quickly through network history data - both packets and metadata - to identify the cause of network issues and take appropriate action - without guesswork.

EndaceVision includes the following new features and capabilities:

--  Endace MicroVision(TM) Support: Endace MicroVision gives network managers microsecond-level views into the captured packet data, allowing users to troubleshoot disruptive high speed network issues with more detailed and accurate inspection of shorter time periods. For 10GbE, the time to transmit each packet of information has decreased by 10x as the amount of traffic has increased by 10x, exponentially increasing the amount of data for an IT analyst to cull through when troubleshooting a network or application issue. Endace MicroVision allows analysts to focus on the problem in small timeframes, reducing the distraction of additional data and greatly enhancing MTTR (watch this video to learn more).

--  Dynamic Network Visualizations: EndaceVision now includes the TCP Flags visualization and client and server breakdowns, leveraging TCP's intrinsic statefulness and explicit signaling to assist in monitoring and debugging transport services across the network (watch this video to learn more).

--  SCADA Detection and Decoding: EndaceVision 6.0 addresses the needs of the utilities industry by including automatic ICS/SCADA protocol detection and visualization, plus full packet-level decodes in the web-based EndacePackets(TM) viewer, enabling analysts to ensure the stability and security of utility network traffic.

"As 10GbE networks continue to proliferate, network managers need microsecond-level granularity to sift through the data needed to monitor and troubleshoot their high-speed networks as quickly as possible," said Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst, network management, Enterprise Management Associates. "The new capabilities in the Emulex network visibility portfolio will give customers flexible options and tools that will speed resolution of critical network issues, and enable them to provide a world-class experience."

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Emulex provides connectivity, monitoring and management solutions for high-performance networks, delivering provisioning, end-to-end application visibility, optimization and acceleration for the next generation of software-defined, telco and Web-scale data centers. The Company's I/O connectivity portfolio, which has been designed into server and storage solutions from leading OEMs and ODMs worldwide, enables organizations to manage bandwidth, latency, security and virtualization. The Emulex network visibility portfolio enables global organizations to monitor and improve application and network performance management. Emulex is headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif. For more information about Emulex (NYSE: ELX) please visit

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