Network of Gulf Gas Stations Deploys QNAP

Tbilisi, Georgia - The ministry of internal affairs of Georgia requires that gas stations deploy surveillance devices to detect the vehicle ID of each vehicle entering a gas station and that the quality of the vehicle ID image should be at least 10 megapixels for easy identification.

Gulf Georgia is one of the leading oil companies on the Georgian market, and it provides high quality fuel and customer services. Gulf Georgia currently successfully operates 140 refueling stations throughout the nation, 43 of which are located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

To meet this security standard set by the government, Gulf Georgia started to test various IP cameras capable of capturing videos with required resolution. After selecting their choice of IP cameras Gulf Georgia then needed to find a suitable surveillance system that was powerful enough to manage the large amount of IP cameras that would be set up at the gas stations around the country, and that would also allow a wide ranging compatibility between multiple IP camera brands and models.

After a detailed comparison, Gulf Georgia chose a QNAP Security surveillance solution to meet the requirements of both the management of the IP cameras and the security standard, and they deployed a total of 106 units of the QNAP Viostor NVR VS-2004L along with 311 IP cameras at the various Gulf gas stations nationwide.

The VS-2004L is an ideal surveillance solution incorporating both rich features and affordability for Gulf Georgia's massive system deployment. The quality performance of real-time monitoring and video recording from four IP cameras meets the needs of capturing clear vehicle ID images every day. In the event of extracting videos in particular time frames, the NVR administrator, usually the station manager, can easily pull up the clips by using smart search when playing back. In addition, people in the central office of Gulf Georgia also have centralized control over up to 128 monitored IP cameras by connecting multiple Viostor NVRs and then monitoring via a browser from remote computers. The scalability o thef VS-2004L and its offering of multi-server monitoring ideally suited the nature of this distributed gas station environment for Gulf Georgia.

The comprehensive compatibility with multiple IP camera brands and models was the key reason for Gulf Georgia when they chose the QNAP Viostor NVR in the early stages. Gulf Georgia also felt happy with the simple user-interface when they first tested it. The web management interface of the VS-2004L is so intuitive and easy to understand that the station managers can quickly learn its operations. It not only helps prevent potential frustration when station managers learn a new system, but also improves the working efficiency on system operation and management.

"The quality and price of the QNAP Viostor NVR VS-2004L is suitable for Gulf Georgia," said George Berdzenishvili, representative of L.T.D Integrity. "For Gulf Georgia with distributed gas stations, QNAP Security products also make the implementation of a surveillance system surprisingly easy."

The QNAP Viostor NVR VS-2004L has delivered a quality surveillance solution to Gulf Georgia with its high level capability of video streaming and playback from monitored IP cameras. While each station manager enjoys the hassle-free daily system operation, the members in the central office of Gulf Georgia also appreciate the convenience of centralized surveillance control through Viostor NVR's multi-server monitoring. Prompt customer service offered by QNAP Security is also said to have played an important role in earning additional client confidence.


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