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Network Management Tool delivers visibility into networks, devices.

Press Release Summary:

Using Pipeline(TM) Universal IP Detail Record Engine, cable operators can collect, process, normalize, and distribute massive amounts of IPDR data for visibility into networks, devices, services, and subscribers' overall experience. Pipeline takes SOA approach to collect IPDR streams representing millions of cable modems, multimedia terminal adapters, and set-top boxes. It then distributes records to multiple OSS/BSS applications, such as metered billing, capacity management, and service analytics.

Original Press Release:

Applied Broadband Announces Universal IPDR Engine

Designed, optimized and built for broadband cable networks to finally deliver deep visibility into networks, devices, services and the experience of individual subscribers on a massive scale

BOULDER, Colo., March 23 /-- Applied Broadband, experts in the analysis, research and development of new broadband network architectures and service delivery software, today announced its Pipeline(TM) Universal IP Detail Record (IPDR) Engine. Pipeline addresses cable operators' need to collect, process, normalize and distribute massive amounts of IPDR data for visibility into their networks, devices, services and subscribers' overall experience. Pipeline is now generally available and has already been selected as the IPDR collection layer for a major U.S. cable operator and a global communications technology vendor under an OEM agreement.

IPDR streaming protocol is already a mandatory requirement for DOCSIS(R) 3.0 equipment and proposed for applications in tru2way(TM), ETV, Canoe and other cable industry initiatives. Supporting the collection and analysis of IPDR data is the critical foundation for a variety of cable operator business needs, ranging from metered billing, commercial services and targeted advertising to so-called 'Fair Use' bandwidth management. The challenge for cable operators is that today's networks already support millions of cable modem devices with multiple services per device, requiring an operator to collect and manage up to hundreds of millions of IPDR events per day and feed them into multiple OSS/BSS applications across their organization.

Developed in consultation with major cable operators and technology vendors, Pipeline offers a modular IPDR collection layer specifically designed for the scale and reliability needs of today's broadband cable networks. Unlike existing IPDR collectors that provide limited functionality and are tied to a single OSS/BSS application, Pipeline takes a service oriented architecture (SOA) approach to collect IPDR streams representing millions of cable modems, enhanced multimedia terminal adapters and set-top boxes. It then distributes records to multiple OSS/BSS applications, such as metered billing, capacity management, and service analytics, among other use cases.

"Now more than ever, subscriber consumption is a critical concern for cable operators as they expand their service portfolios and upgrade to next generation architectures, so IPDR has emerged as the de facto way to measure and analyze service usage in an application-agnostic manner to avoid the limitations of other approaches," said Jason Schnitzer, founder and principal of Applied Broadband. "Pipeline was designed by cable network engineers and architects to deliver what the cable industry needs - an application-enabling IPDR layer with multi-service intelligence, massive scale to support millions of devices, carrier-class reliability and open interfaces so it forms the foundation for numerous third party applications, legacy management systems and a variety of service intelligence scenarios."

Designed and optimized to use a compact hardware footprint to minimize deployment costs, and a robust architecture for continuity of network and service IPDR intelligence, Pipeline expedites the collection, processing and distribution of IPDR data and testing of IPDR applications using the following components:

-- Pipeline Universal IPDR Engine - an IPDR compliant stack featuring Collector and Exporter capability, stream processor, record cache and network API toolkit.

-- Pipeline Universal IPDR Emulator - an emulation environment for DOCSIS networks and services, including sophisticated traffic and topology modelling and a programmable CMTS IPDR Exporter, for generating high-intensity IPDR test streams.

Applied Broadband offers Pipeline as part of its Broadband ToolKit(TM), a library of software, emulators and components licensed along side the company's professional engineering services. Pipeline is available directly from Applied Broadband as well as through its reseller and OEM partners. For more information about Pipeline, please contact

About Applied Broadband

Established in 2005, Applied Broadband is a trusted industry advisor to network operators, technology vendors and industry consortiums based on its legacy of innovation and expertise in broadband network architectures, technologies, protocols, standards and software. Applied Broadband offers innovative and practical software components, methodologies and network models to augment internal engineering resources and reduce the cost, time-to-market and risk of deployment for next generation networks and services while enhancing the overall service experience for end customers. For more information, visit

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