Network Management Software provides impenetrable security.

Press Release Summary:

Applicable to virtual and physical networks, ADARA Sirius SDN Network Virtualization and Virtual Routing creates secure environments. Continually dynamic solution, featuring Network Hypervisor functionality, provides secure mechanisms for authentication and encryption of all control information among all its instances. Information regarding encryption/decryption is never communicated, negating interception, copying, and replaying of traffic as method for attempts at security compromise.

Original Press Release:

ADARA Announces an Industry First: Impenetrable Security in SDN Network Virtualization and Virtual Routing

ADARA Sirius implements highest level of security ever engineered for networking; Security exceeds all known public/private abilities to compromise Sirius security

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- ADARA Networks(®), the leading provider of advanced computing and networking products, has announced a first: Impenetrable security in ADARA Sirius SDN Network Virtualization and Virtual Routing.  ADARA Sirius can now ensure the security of any customer network to a higher degree than ever before, from any vendor; making ADARA-enabled virtual and physical networks the most secure environments in the world.

ADARA Sirius Security features novel secure mechanisms for authentication and encryption of all control information among all ADARA Sirius Network Virtualization and Virtual Routing instances.

ADARA Sirius implements advanced novel methods for encrypting all Control Information.  The mechanisms are proprietary, and all details will not be released, however select details highlight the impenetrable nature of ADARA Sirius Security.

ADARA Sirius Control encryption intelligence is so advanced, ADARA Sirius never communicates any information regarding the encryption/decryption, making the interception, copying and re-playing of traffic, useless as a method for attempts at security compromise.

ADARA Sirius Control Security is continually dynamic and highest performing; ADARA Sirius implements constant randomly variable time increments in operations, with any level of temporal changes, including sub-microsecond increments; this makes random, or system assisted attempts to guess information completely ineffective.

ADARA Sirius natively supports Dynamic Layer2/Layer3 Tunneling (pseudo-wire or Layer 2 Stretching), while providing all the properties of the Physical Layer abstracted to the Virtual Network. Sirius provides Network Hypervisor functionality, abstracting and managing network physical properties and 3(rd) party physical network infrastructure.  Sirius provides Network Operating System functionality.

ADARA Sirius creates a Virtual Overlay Network, which can harden existing legacy physical network infrastructure against known security exploits' which exist in legacy vendors products.  Additionally ADARA Sirius can operate in place of legacy physical network infrastructure, and provide advanced secure networking for all customer environments.

ADARA Sirius answers the number one concern of SDN, Network and Compute Virtualization, and Virtual and Physical Routing; Security.

ADARA Sirius Security is specifically designed for the world we face; multiple evolving threats such as man-in-the-middle, impersonation, fabrication, and wormhole and other attacks.

ADARA Sirius has been re-engineered with a new implementation of DLSP which is 1,000 times faster, and executes even more efficiently than before.  Sirius has also been re-engineered with the most advanced Admission Control ever designed, and features novel user-level granularity.

ADARA Sirius natively supports Dynamic Layer2/Layer3 Tunneling (pseudo-wire or Layer 2 Stretching), while providing all the properties of the Physical Layer abstracted to the Virtual Network.

Sirius has been re-engineered to run as a Network Hypervisor, able to abstract and manage network physical properties.  Sirius now provides the functionality of as a Network Operating System.

Sirius DLSP was designed and implemented by the creators of the world's most widely deployed networking software; DLSP represents an exponential increase in speed, scale and native capabilities.  Full Domestic and International Patent Protections have been allowed for the technology.

ADARA Sirius is available as a standalone product, or as part of the ADARA Constellation Series.

ADARA Mercury on x86 platforms enables Virtual Machining for Computation and Networking directly upon the Mercury platform; unavailable in legacy network routers, switches, load balancers and middleware boxes.

ADARA's new class of the Sirius Series has made this industry leading platform available to the United States Commercial Market through Tech Data and its channel of over 60,000 US Resellers.

"ADARA Sirius Control Information Security is simply put, the most advanced control information security in any network software and routing protocol ever.  In my estimation it is impenetrable," said Dr. Marcelo Spohn, chief technologist at ADARA.

ADARA Sirius Series are able to operate both in the Control Plane and the Data Plane.

Sirius is right-sized for any customer environment, and is available in two form factors:

--  Software only for a Fully Virtualized Software Solution

--  Software on either Purpose- built or 3(rd) Party COTS Appliances (x86 or MIPS)

Sirius is engineered to provide the most advanced novel Virtual and Physical Networking.   Unlike network routers which are natively single-path, have high communication overhead, slow to converge, are complex to configure and operate and suffer from limited scalability, Sirius scales limitlessly, converges exponentially faster, is single-step configurable, and natively multi-path.

Sirius load balances networks, paths, links and routes, and offers many more capabilities.

Sirius can discover and simultaneously utilize every route and path from every point-to-every point, based upon both network state and policy.

Sirius is able to measure and use Bandwidth in Real Time.

Sirius has the richest set of policies of any Virtual and Physical Networking Platform.

Sirius is exponentially more advanced legacy network routers, virtual routers, network load balancers, and other middleware boxes.

Sirius is faster and more scalable than any competing product, ever.

Sirius Network Virtualization

Sirius virtualizes networks, utilizing Virtual Interfaces and creating the ADARA Dynamic Virtual Overlay Network (VON), above the physical network, with all the properties of the physical network.  Sirius can operate within or across domains, dynamically with Full visibility into Services, based upon network State and any Policy.

Sirius Physical Networking

Sirius is able to operate in Physical Networks, utilizing DLSP across Physical Interfaces and featuring every major legacy networking software.

Dynamic MPLS

Sirius natively enables dynamism in MPLS.  Where MPLS is static, using administratively pre-configured Label Switched Paths, with no visibility into Services; Sirius enables MPLS to operate dynamically, based upon all elements of Network State, with Full Visibility into Services.

Sirius enables enterprises of all sizes in all industries to positively impact Net Profitability.

Sirius Series are critical solutions for Data Centers and Networks. The increasing utilization of Virtual Machining and Virtual Networking for High Performance Computing requires the state of the art in Virtual and Physical Networking.

ADARA Sirius; the State of the Art in Virtual and Physical Networking.

About ADARA Networks:

ADARA Networks is the industry leader in Software Defined Networking, Virtual Computing and Networking.  ADARA SDN is an entire ecosystem; End-to-End, (Data Center, Network, Small Office, Home and Mobile User), Production-ready, for Service Providers and Enterprises of all sizes, and verticals. ADARA SDN seamlessly works with any and all 3(rd) party SDN and legacy products. ADARA SDN empowers customers to simultaneously and optimally financially engineer their profits while operationally managing their enterprise.  ADARA SDN delivers autonomic, dynamic management of services, virtual and physical infrastructure management.  ADARA SDN enables customer to create any policies, ADARA SDN dynamically creates and enforces rules and configurations, and enforces Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance.  For more information, please visit:

CONTACT:, (415) 262-5971

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