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Network Management Software offers one-point access to data.

Press Release Summary:

Codima Toolbox v6.9 provides IT Professionals one point of access to reports that deliver critical information and traffic priority analysis for diagnosing network performance to better manage data and VoIP networks. Along with support for Windows 7, software includes Report Manager for harvesting network information and creating visual reports. Other features include Device Editor, Protocol/Node History Managers, and Global Alarm System.

Original Press Release:

Codima Inc. (CDMA) Unveils Codima Toolbox 6.9. - Introducing One Point Access Report Manager and Traffic Priority Tracking

PHILADELPHIA, PA. - Codima Inc. (CDMA), global provider of integrated network management software products for companies scaling from the small enterprise to the Fortune 100's, today announced the availability of the latest version Codima Toolbox 6.9. Prioritizing usability and full integration, the new release provides IT Professionals with a one point access platform to highly visual reports that deliver critical information and traffic priority analysis that diagnose network performance to better manage Data and VoIP networks. Codima Toolbox 6.9 now supports Windows 7.

The new Report Manager used across the entire Codima Toolbox gives IT professionals an invaluable resource, harvesting network information from one single point of access and creating highly visual reports. Report styles can be customized, and reports can be converted into local languages, for example reducing language barriers within organizations. The user friendly Report Manager arrives with more than 90 predefined reports for users to choose from. Created daily, weekly or monthly in Microsoft Word and HTML, reports can be filtered to focus on specific items.

Utilizing passive analysis, the new Traffic Priority Tracking feature, performs deep priority traffic analysis. Based on preset rules or rules set by the user, the Traffic Priority Tracking feature automatically tracks protocols and nodes, to determine traffic priority. For example, protocols and nodes with incorrect priority that can damage VoIP traffic flows can be identified and reassigned, potentially improving call quality.

Other new features include the Device Editor, enabling users to manually edit devices types and add comments to network maps created in Microsoft® Office Visio®. Though existing network information is used to draw the topology maps, manual edits may be required to better describe the actual network topology. The edits can be retained even after another discovery is performed making the Device Editor a true time saver when completing regular chores. The Codima Toolbox uses the network maps to translate raw IP addresses into system names, directly displaying the identity of any IT asset visually.

"The Codima architecture is built from the ground up, so there is no need to integrate with other software technologies. This enables us to rapidly respond to market demands and provide IT teams with advanced integrated network technology that is highly automated thus easy to use. Codima Toolbox 6.9 is a good example on how we collaborate with customers to fully bring the user perspective into our solution and add more customer value. " said Phil Friend, CTO of Codima Inc.

"Driving down IT costs is key in every organization today. Our new release is designed to improve usability and deliver information required to reduce problem resolution time, to save valuable time. This contributes to real savings. " comments Codima's CEO Christer Mattsson.

Codima Toolbox 6.9 is available for download from

What's New with Codima Toolbox 6.9:


  • Reports Manager - view and create reports in Microsoft® Word and HTML on a daily, weekly and monthly basis using the centralized system with a common interface. Reports can be customized in design as well as easily converted to local languages. The reports have direct access to historical statistics from all features. The Report Manager also provides over 90 predefined reports.

  • New Advanced Asset Reports - Port Usage Summary provides count per used and unused ports and Chassis Asset Report, a Vendor neutral Report, covers devices that support the Entity-MIB, displays serial numbers for the chassis, module, port, power supply, fan, CPU etc.

    Traffic Priority Tracking

  • Protocol History Manager -controls protocol statistical analysis and reporting. Defines the frame match values for each protocol tracked using PID or SAP, IP Protocol , UDP Port, TCP Port, Protocol Groups, Diffserv. Monitors protocol Groups like Mail, Dbase, VoIP per Tracked Node and Globally.

  • Node History Manager - sets Tracking Rules for Node statistical analysis and reporting reporting based on protocol usage or errors. Allows users to track SNMP bandwidth per node for example.

    Inventory & Mapping in Visio®

  • Device Editor - changes device types, and maintains the changes over multiple discovery runs. User comments can manually be added to the description information associated with a device.

  • Device Library - Codima Toolbox now supports nearly 8,000 device types, over 13,700 NIC vendors and over 35,500 vendor codes - the list is constantly updated

  • Syslog - logs Syslog messages. Syslog messages can be directly viewed from the Visio(TM) network maps. Can also send the locally monitored Syslog messages as alarm reports to the NOC for centralized viewing. This enables Syslog monitoring at remote locations.


  • Supports Windows 7

  • Remote Manager -view for example network monitoring tools remotely - available throughout the Codima Toolbox solution

  • Global Alarm System - monitors thresholds breaches and generates email and traps throughout the Codima Toolbox solution

    Codima Inc. (CDMA), headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with global reach supported by eleven offices across North America, EMEA, Latin America, Asia and Australia, provides best practice software tools to help organizations manage their IT networks. Fully automated and fully integrated, Codima Toolbox delivers tools for network inventory, mapping, pinging and monitoring using Microsoft® Office Visio® as well as pre- and post-deployment VoIP network management. Codima Toolbox serves financial institutions, governmental agencies, service providers and large organizations in addition to medium and large companies. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and an Avaya DevConnect Gold Partner reselling online and through partners globally.

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