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StealthWatch v5.10 upgrade with StealthWatch® FlowSensor AE appliance delivers flow-based Response Time Management and visibility of network and server performance metrics. Features deliver actionable security and network intelligence to reduce total network and security management efforts. Appliance extends visibility into areas of network that lack flow data or where traditional Ethernet sensor technology is cost-prohibitive.

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Lancope Delivers StealthWatch FlowSensor AE, Extending NetFlow for Response Time Management, Reduced Mean Time to Resolution and Cost-Effective Network Visibility

StealthWatch System 5.10 Upgrade Introduces New Appliance, Improves Network Performance and Security Monitoring

ATLANTA, Nov. 9 -- Lancope®, Inc., the provider of the StealthWatch® System, the Best in NetFlow(TM) Analysis ( and the leader in flow-based network performance and security monitoring for unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, today announced the StealthWatch FlowSensor AE appliance, a core component of the StealthWatch version 5.10 upgrade, which delivers flow-based Response Time Management (RTM) and comprehensive visibility of network and server performance metrics at one-third of the cost of traditional technologies. Building upon its strength in NetFlow analysis, StealthWatch version 5.10 introduces the appliance, new features and enhanced capabilities that continue to extend network visibility, improve Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and deliver actionable security and network intelligence to reduce total network and security management costs.

"Both network and security management professionals understand the value and utility of NetFlow within their respective domains; however, additional types of management data have still been needed to fully address the day-to-day tasks which differ between those teams," said Jim Frey, research director for Enterprise Management Associates. "Lancope has now augmented their deep expertise in NetFlow analysis with additional new data types, in this case response times, progressing their StealthWatch solution into a practical common platform which can leverage the technological similarities between network security and performance management while addressing the unique needs of each."

StealthWatch version 5.10 includes:

-- StealthWatch FlowSensor AE

As the newest addition to the StealthWatch product family, the StealthWatch FlowSensor AE extends StealthWatch's visibility into areas of the network that lack flow data or where traditional Ethernet sensor technology is cost prohibitive. The StealthWatch FlowSensor AE translates Ethernet communications into lightweight "flow records" which are sent to the StealthWatch Flow Collectors for detailed analysis. By delivering flow-by-flow visibility, StealthWatch provides network and server performance metrics, including connection information such as Round Trip Time (RTT), Server Response Time (SRT) and Retransmission Ratio (RT%).

Help desk, network operators and security analysts use context-rich network intelligence from StealthWatch to detect, diagnose, verify and manage network and server performance and security issues in real-time. By easily distinguishing between network and server root cause, StealthWatch dramatically improves Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) of network and server response time issues. Operating as the single dashboard of actionable security and network intelligence to support global community of IT users, StealthWatch reduces total network and security management costs. Learn more about this appliance at

-- Enhanced Virtual Network Visibility

In this version, StealthWatch deepens its ability to monitor physical and virtual networks. StealthWatch expands on its support of VMware vSphere and delivers enhanced visibility into the virtual network. The StealthWatch FlowSensor VE now provides immediate notification of Virtual Machine (VM) instantiation and when VMs move between VM servers. By improving VM accounting and VM tracking, StealthWatch enables more intelligent decision support for source and destination server provisioning as well as network capacity planning. With the introduction of RTM capabilities for both physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch easily distinguishes between network and server root cause, whether communications are within the same VM server or across different physical servers.

-- More Forensics, Broader Compliance Support

StealthWatch version 5.10 extends network visibility down to the host level through OS Fingerprinting and packet data. Capitalizing on the system's superior NetFlow analysis capabilities, the StealthWatch FlowSensor AE and VE devices now captures critical portions of the packet payload for broader host context, better forensic details and more demonstrable compliance. Filling a critical void in network performance and security monitoring, StealthWatch identifies and prioritizes suspicious network communications that are indicative of botnets, worms, policy violations and misconfigured network devices. Presented in a single, customizable dashboard, StealthWatch enables drill down analysis of extensive network intelligence to access granular data to aid forensic incident investigation.

-- Improved Traffic Visualization and Reporting

StealthWatch provides a wealth of network intelligence for unmatched contextual awareness of network, server and host activity. In this release, StealthWatch introduces capabilities and reports that facilitate ease-of-use and improve MTTR. One powerful new capability is the one-click QuickView feature that graphically displays host conversations, which are detailed in the Flow Table report. This simple but effective visualization of individual flows greatly improves usability and provides immediate access to the most relevant data for faster troubleshooting.

In addition, StealthWatch now offers the Network and Server Performance report which graphically displays RTT, SRT and RT%. This type of data presentation not only enables users to easily distinguish between network and server root case when troubleshooting network performance issues, but also increases staff productivity through quick diagnosis and resolution of end-user performance complaints.

"As a pioneer of NetFlow analysis, Lancope continues to maximize customers' IT investments by leveraging flow data from the IT infrastructure to deliver cost-effective network performance and security monitoring," said Harland LaVigne, president and CEO of Lancope. "The StealthWatch FlowSensor AE builds on our NetFlow expertise to extend low-cost, high-value visibility throughout the network. Our proven flow-based approach appeals to enterprises seeking a flexible, scalable alternative to traditional probe-based technologies."

Join Enterprise Management Associates and Lancope for a joint webinar titled "Two Birds, One Stone: NetFlow for Network Security & Performance Monitoring" at 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday, November 17. Register for this free event at

Availability & Pricing

StealthWatch FlowSensor AE and the StealthWatch version 5.10 are now shipping. Introductory pricing for the StealthWatch FlowSensor AE begins at US $6,995. Current customers can contact their account manager or Lancope Customer Care for upgrades at For more information, contact Lancope at

About Lancope

Lancope®, Inc. is the leader in NetFlow Analysis and the provider of the StealthWatch® System for flow-based network performance and security monitoring. Delivering unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs. Both OPSEC and Common Criteria-certified, StealthWatch monitors the networks of Global 2000 organizations, academic institutions and government entities worldwide. Lancope also partners with fellow best-of-breed solution providers through its Technology Alliance Program, which includes Cisco Systems, Brocade, Blue Coat, VMware, IBM Tivoli, Check Point, TippingPoint, ArcSight and A10 Networks. Lancope is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

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