Network Emulator Software offers optimized EVS codec option.

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Designed to emulate P-CSCF and IMS core network, E6966B IMS-SIP Network Emulator Software supports 3GPP Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec. EVS E6966B-5TP option includes all bit rates from 9.6–125 kbps, as well as fixed rate. Rate change modes such as priority, peer requested, and stress enable user to change bit rate automatically every 20 ms. Software can be integrated with E7515A UXM wireless test set to emulate entire IMS/VoLTE environment for end-to-end IMS/VoLTE test.

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Keysight Technologies Adds Enhanced Voice Services Codec to IMS-SIP Network Emulator Software

Includes Ultra-High Bandwidth Audio, New Flexibility and Control, Improved Efficiency and Voice Quality


Keysight’s E6966B-5TP enhanced voice services (EVS) codec option allows network operators, mobile device manufacturers and designers to fully test their EVS implementation

Keysight’s UXM wireless test set enhancements include more IMS/VoLTE controls in its LTE/LTE-A test application software

SANTA ROSA, Calif., – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced support for the new 3GPP Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec with the Keysight E6966B IMS-SIP network emulator software. In addition, Keysight also has enhanced its UXM wireless test set with more IMS/VoLTE controls in its LTE/LTE-A test application software. This includes front panel user interface configuration of 1) traffic flow template (TFT); 2) dedicated bearer setup; and 3) end-to-end VoLTE testing with two UEs connected to a single UXM.

“The enhancements to the Keysight VoLTE test solution further simplify user-experience while expanding capabilities to ensure designs meet optimal key performance criteria well before they go to market,” said Satish Dhanasekaran, general manager of Keysight’s Wireless Devices and Operator Segment.

Keysight has updated the E6966B software, which emulates the P-CSCF and IMS core network, with many new features, including the new EVS option E6966B-5TP.

The Keysight EVS E6966B-5TP option includes:

  • All bit rates from narrowband 9.6kbit/s to super-wideband 128kbit/s, as well as fixed rate

  • Rate change modes such as priority, peer requested and stress, which enables the user to change the bit rate automatically every 20ms

  • Primary mode and AMR-WB IO compatibility mode

The E6966B IMS-SIP network emulator software includes the client and server, enabling the user to test either in a PC-only soft client configuration, or integrated with the Keysight E7515A UXM wireless test set to emulate the entire IMS/VoLTE environment for end-to-end IMS/VoLTE test.

Complementing the UXM wireless test set and E6966B IMS-SIP network emulator software, the Keysight U8903B performance audio analyzer provides pre-configured perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ) and perceptual objective listening quality assessment (PoLQA) audio measurement analysis to complete the voice quality test solution.

More information about Keysight’s E6966B IMS-SIP network emulator software and UXM wireless test set is available at and Videos demonstrating the UXM’s versatile capabilities are available on YouTube. Contact Keysight at for E7515A UXM pricing and delivery information.

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